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Thread: 4 month old that will not sleep

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    Default 4 month old that will not sleep

    My 4th month has gone from a sleepy baby to a baby that will not sleep, she is showing no tired signs so i guess when she needs a sleep about 1 1/2 hours from when she woke up last. At the moment i wrap her and then cuddle her to sleep and then put her down and she will sleep for about an hour sometimes more.
    But now she will not sleep and if she does it is like for 30 mins.
    For the last few nights it has taken me about 1-1/12 hours tog et her to sleep and last night after trying everything i can think of, etc: patting, cuddling rubbing her eyes, feeding and letting her cry i ended up going to bed so she could cuddle up with me and she went straight to sleep, I really want to stop co-sleeping as i think she is getting to old for this.
    She is currently in a bassait in my room, do you think it could be time for her to move to her own room in a cot?
    Any ideas would be great, thank-you

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    Do you think that she's getting too big for the bassinet? I know when Josiah got too big for his bassinet he'd HATE sleeping in it. As for how long she's sleeping, I'm totally feeling you there - J went from 1 1/2hr sleeps to 30min sleeps, unfortunately nothing I do makes him sleep longer. Lucky for me tho 6.30pm an he's out like a light.

    I would move her to a cot and see if that helps any, other than that, I'm not much help - sorry, just wanted to say you're not alone on the sleeping!

    Good luck


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    Kelly, if you think you would be happy putting her in her own room to sleep, then do it. It is worth a try, seeing as you have tried everything else and don't want to keep on co-sleeping.

    She is still young though and it is normal for her to feel more like sleeping next to you. We used to co-sleep a bit too around the same age because my son would wake early in the morning for a feed and then not resettle on his own. It bought us a few more hours shut-eye and he was happy too.

    Now that he is a bit older, he has sorted out his sleeping and doesn't want to come in with us so much now. He still sleeps in our room in his cot but he seems to like his own space. I know that every baby is different though.

    Can I recommend you take a look at some books like "The No Cry Sleep Solution" by Elizabeth Pantley or anything by Pinky McKay. Also Robin Barker's "Babylove" book has a section on a settling routine you can use if you are that way inclined.

    One or two of the women in my mother's group have recently been to sleep school as they had very unsettled babies (older than yours though) and things weren't getting any better. They say it has helped them both a lot. If you feel things are getting difficult, that might also be an option for you later.

    I hope things improve soon. I know how it is when a little one won't sleep.
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    Our 3 month old has started sleeping less and less as well. He sleeps through the night but will only have catnaps of 30 mins to 1 hour maybe 3-4 times a day. I've read lots of posts from others saying this is fairly normal - which is reassuring. We had to take Lincoln out of his bassinette at 2 1/2 months because he was too restricted in it. Since being in the cot he can sometimes put himself to sleep at night and sleep through. Could be coincidence though. But I'm pretty sure he likes it more in the cot. More fresh air can circulate as well - especially now that it's heating up. As far as sleeping in our room - we only lasted one night because he was such a noisy sleeper (we couldn't cope). It helps us to get a better night's sleep as well.
    Good luck when you make the move to the cot. Do it when you feel ready. It's all trial and error (for us anyway because we're first timers).

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    Hi Kelly
    My beautiful baby girl also went from a good night time sleeper to a shocker at 4 months.. It took 3 weeks of me turning up to mothers group with huge bags that a woman with older children took me aside and said "call Tresillian" - at first I felt like I had failed - to need outside help.. but once I put my pride aside and called them and they visited me in my home things improved within two days. Basically I was told that the first 3 months we can and should basically do anything to get our babies to sleep, but at 4 months they start to need 'cues' or have learned behavour, so the things we do start to become more important. So 4 months is when some babies turn... What I recommend is that you call Tresillian and have an outreach lady come to your home and go through some things with you. They are not monsters who will make you leave your baby to cry - they are wonderful women who are there to help mothers help their babies sleep. Ally is such a happier babies now that she self settles (without tears - she makes this "mmmm" noise but she does NOT cry when I leave her). She sleeps for longer during the day and only wakes once or twice for a feed. I highly recommend them. Remember it is all just advice, take what you need or belive in and leave the rest..

    Good luck honey!

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