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Thread: 4am wake up - habit or not?

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    Question 4am wake up - habit or not?


    My 12 week old wakes up at 4 - 4.30 every morning! i can put him to bed at 8pm and he will wake up at 4 or i can put him to bed at 12 and he wakes up at 4am.
    Is this just a habit he has gotten into?
    If so, how do i get him out of this habbit?

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    I have a 3 and a half month old (No 2) who was waking through the night, although not hungry for a feed. I use a dummy and have for the last 10 days just been putting the dummy back in when he wakes (some nights it has been 10 or 12 times until he puts himself back to sleep.

    He slept through till 7am last night uninterrupted for the first time. We also did this with no 1 and we have about 1 week of trying before they get the idea!

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    Jacci: Has he been sick lately?
    My DS is 13 mo and since he had a dose of Gastro then a cold a week later, he has been waking up at 2am. Most of the time he will drift back off if i rush into his room and put the dummy in. Other times he wakes himself up too much and wont go back to sleep without a bottle.
    The last couple of nights he has been pretty good, so hopefully he is over the late night/early morning wakings.


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    Generally a 12 week old should can still be waking for feeds during the night, and it can be completely normal for them to do so for months. Matilda still can wake up at 4am when the air gets a bit more chilly for another tuck in & maybe an extra blanket on her bed. Does the temperature drop at 4am? Do you think this could unsettle him? Even now if Matilda wakes up at that time we give her a bit of comfort & cuddle & maybe a tiny bottle if needed to help her back to sleep & most times she gets back to sleep. It was a hurdle for a while getting her to learn that 4am wasn't wake up time for good, but we treated it as if it were a midnight wake up. We leave everything dark & go in and check to see if her nappy is full, if she is warm enough & if needed give her a bit of milk to settle her back down.

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