thread: 4month old with a cold?

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    Feb 2004

    4month old with a cold?

    Would anyone have any suggestions to make Zander feel better from this horrible cold he has?

    I'm using the baby vicks on him which is working ok, he seems much happier just after I put it on. I've also given him infant Demazin which I don't think really did anything yesterday, but I'm about to give him some cos he just woke up. I have the room heated & we're not planning on going out anywhere cold.

    The worst thing is the cough. I just got him out of bed & he started coughing & coughing, poor thing was then dry retching from coughing so hard. The he did this almighty vomit which I could tell was really forced & out of the botom of his stomach.

    Is there anything more I can do?

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    hugs to you and zander it is so hard when they are bubs with colds, a few things i have used in the past.

    1. vapouriser (don't add anything just use the water - apparently you shouldn't use anything under age 2 like eucalyptus) - also leave the window open a smidge if using a vapouriser otherwise condensation will go everywhere - some people reckon they don't work but i have found it great for my kiddies.

    2. vicks or baby balsalm on the feet - yes strange i know but somehow it works put a little on the feet before bed and put socks on - maybe an old wives tale who knows.

    3. raise the cot mattress a little to assist in the runny nose, although you probably have it raised for his reflux.

    4. demazin or dimetap apparently only work if you keep the dosage up the whole time ie every 6 - 8 hrs throughout 24, i don't do this i usually give a dose of demazin and panadol before bed

    5. how about trying the brauer range i use there teething relief and found it great, i think there is a cold one too just check can be used on young babies - can get it from the chemist.

    6. lots of hugs

    they reckon colds last 7 - 10 days but i swear it seems to take forever with the littlies, i hope he hasn't got the nasty virus that my ds has - he has had high temps of 39.9 most nights over the last week - seems to be on the mend tho now - i hate winter roll on summer i say.

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    Feb 2004

    Brauer is from 6months so can't use it yet

    We're looking at getting a vapouriser if he's no better tomorrow & I will definately try the baby balsam on the feet - anythings worth a try ATM.

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    Feb 2004

    Oooh I should have thought of that, thanks Jillian. He's gone back to sleep now (was up less than an hour) but I'll try that too.

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    Jul 2004
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    Do you have the Fess saline nasal drops Sarah? They are really good for babies stuffed up noses. Some of them come with a nasal Aspirator, which helps to suck the extra mucous out of their nose.... I have found it to work a treat on Aidyn many times.

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    Feb 2004

    I've actually organised with the chemist to get a vapouriser this afternoon once Aaron gets home so I might grab some Fess as well.

    It's stupid cos when other people have bubs with colds I can say do this & this & this, but when it's mine I go blank!

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    Nov 2004
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    Sarah I can second that advice about the vapouriser. Worked well with both of mine when they were babies. I also found dimetap worked well when they were really choked up, but I'm not sure of the age limit on using that.

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    Yea steam is soooo good. I know im not a baby, but my recent cold.. from coughing so much, my airways were actually spasming (sp?) and a couple of times, I had to do the head over bowl of steam so I could actually breathe!..

    So I second the vaporiser.. and warm steamy showers (and getting all rugged up straight away!) lol... and yea, the basic stuff.. more bottles if he feels like it, water etc..

    Hope he feels better soon hun! Have you or Aaron got a cold too? I hope not!

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    Have you tried Fess - For little noses? Thats the one for little kids that comes with the aspirator thingo! We bought a vaporiser for Paris when she was little, and even though you can't use the menthol with them till they are over 2 the steam by itself works wonders.

    Goodluck, sending lots of getwell vibes. Poor chook. Another thing you might like to try is weak chamomile slightly warm in a bottle or even cold. Chamomile is said to help kids/babies with colds. As does it help with teething too.


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    Sarah, does he have a snotty or congested nose? If so, you can try the nasal spray Physiomer Baby, they have a banner on the main site and are sponsors of BellyBelly until the end of the year. It's like Fess as Cailin mentioned, but unlike Fess, contains no preservative chemicals. Physiomer Baby is completely natural and free of preservative. Check out the banner on the main site

    If he just has a cold, there is not much you can do medication wise - some doctors have told me that even medications like Dimetapp often doesn't help. Perhaps you can you give him a little warm water and honey (organic would be ideal) to drink for the throat? Honey is fantastic.
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    Thanks for all your suggestions guys

    He doesn't seem to be stuffed up, it's more of a chest cold at the moment so he's just coughing heaps & being a bit rattly when he breathes. It is getting better though, yesterday he was waaay better than he had been for the 2 days before so hopefully he's getting over it now.

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    Good to hear that little Zander is feeling better, Sarah.
    I was just popping in to give him a big :hugs:
    Poor little mite!