thread: 6 mnth old drinks more at night

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    6 mnth old drinks more at night

    Hi, Ds is just over 6 mnths. he has 2 bug day sleeps of 2hrs each, ands ettles no problem (most of the time) anyhow the problem is, during the day it is hard to get 100ml in his at a time. i think he gets distacted with all what is going on, i also have a busy 2 year old boy. HMm not sure what to do.. he has 250ml before bed, goes to bed at 7pm, settles great, then within 3 hrs he is screaming for more, and has another 200mls. so within 3 hrs he can comsume like 500mls- i know so much.. i would then be happy if he went thru the night but without fail he is awake between 3-4am and drinks another 200mls.... maybe i need to go cold turkey at night then he will be hungry during the day.. anyone else in this situation, he is teething, but i dont think it causes hism to much pain.. he went thrua stage for a week (this was a few wks ago) and he was sleeping 7pm - 3am, then til 7am. (bottle at 3am) i really think it is habit. maybe i should do a bit of CCC, but it is so hard to hear him cry for a period of time.. any sugestions.. also he is on solids, but not fussed about them either during the day..

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    Hi December, it is so hard, i know just how you feel my ds can be the same but its often just at different stages he'll have a couple of good weeks 'sleeping through' then a few bad weeks feeding alot during the night and im not sure prob would be better if ur ds ate more during the day but its hard to break the cycle. maybe if you know he's had enough milk try and strech him out during the night so he might be hungrier during the day??
    sorry i'm not much help, but wanted you to know your not alone!
    hope it gets better for you!

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    Could you try feeding him in a quietish dark area during the day so he gets a bit more to drink- hard I know with a toddler? The other thing is it may be completely normal for him- he is just hungrier at night. Perhaps try feeding him more often during the day?? Also, waking at 3-4 am is so very normal for babies of this age. Many cannot go through the night without milk and shouldn't be expected to, despite what well meaning friends/relatives tell you. I don't think you should skip any night feeds- he will wake and drink as he needs to and may go on for months like this so there is no point in starving him at night to get more into him during the day- it will be horrible for him and you as he won't go back to sleep when he is hungry. It sounds like you are doing a really good job with him. He just needs that milk! Solids aren't so important at this stage so don't be too concerned there. And with CC- you don't have to do it. I don't think it is of benefit to anyone- in fact, it can be a quite soul destroying experience for you both. Why would you CC? He is just waking normally for food!

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    December it does sound like your DS has put himself into this little routine. It certainly appears that he is drinking more at night as he's not drinking enough during the day. Unfortunately I have no tips for you to switch the routine, but that's what I would try to do. Hopefully someone with some experience can pop in to help you.

    Good luck