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Thread: 6 month old losing voice??

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    Default 6 month old losing voice??


    My DD woke up this morning and sounds like she is losing her voice. Does this mean she is getting sick? She has no other symptoms, just hoarse voice when she cries and chats. Any ideas?


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    Hey Belinda,

    My DD had a really croaky voice and cry last week too, also a mild snotty cold. It developed in to a really hacking cough quite quickly, and the doctor diagnosed it as croup... Croup can occur when they get an inflamed larynx/windpipe...

    I hope it doesn't come to that with your DD, but just keep an eye on her if she does get that cough. Luckily my DD coughed while we were in with the doctor and she could diagnose it quickly. Was easy fixed with some drops.

    Take care!

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Thanks for that, hopefully it won't come to that but I will definately keep an eye on it!

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