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Thread: 6 week old - unsettled between feeds

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    I have tried to settle him in his cot by 'shhh' him and holding his hands tight on his chest so that he feels secure - sometimes this works other times it doesn't. We have had a pretty good weekend where he has slept well but today is another story!!! He just won't go down in his cot. I eventually took him for a walk to put him to sleep and have now left him in his pram sleeping. Bring on the settling class tomorrow I say! I will let you all know some of the suggestions - hopefully they work

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    Nia Guest

    Default How is it going now?

    Hi Lyn
    I have a 7 week old baby girl who has the exact same symptoms you discussed in your post. Can you tell me how you are going now and what eventuated? There is so much information out there and different things to consider!

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