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Thread: 6 week old, wont sleep during the day

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    Default 6 week old, wont sleep during the day


    DS is 6weeks old, he sleeps great at night, always in 4 hr or 2.5 jr lots., he is Breast fed. this last week, he is up at 7am, and wont go back to sleep til like 8pm, anyone else.. he will fall asleep on the boob but the minute he goes into his bassinett he starts screaming uncontrollably. I have an appt on monday at the paed, i think he may have reflux, but would this cause all the crying,, i have been told by the maternal health that he has colic as he is always cramky from like 4 pm to 7 pm daily

    would love to know if anyone else in this boat. how can i get him to rest during the day, i spend the whole time on the couch.. thanks

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    Maggie I totally sympathise with you...have you tried other methods of getting him to sleep like in the pram or car? One gf of mine could not get her son to sleep except in a bouncer which is where he slept most of the time till he was 4-5 mths old!

    Not too sure about the reflux thing as am not that experienced.

    Good luck!

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    Caleb was a cat napper during the day. It was frustrating, especially with two older kiddies to give attention to aswell.
    He is better now and will sleep about an hour after a feed. He's feeding 3 hourly now.

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    My DS was the same, although he didn't sleep full stop. For the first 9 weeks the only place he would sleep was propped up in the couch, for maybe 30 minutes at a time, during the day he wouldn't sleep at all.

    He had really bad colic and reflux, he was on Losec for the reflux and we have a pharmacy near us that makes a special colic mix that I call liquid gold! It is only $13 but I would of paid hundreds for it, from the first time of giving it to him, he settled straight away.

    I hope things get better for you, at least I can say now at 6 months, my DS sleeps through the night.

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    Hi Maggie,
    My DD went thru similar she wouldn't sleep in the day and because of this got so overtired that by the evenings she was very cranky and hard to settle.
    She did exactly same thing would fall asleep and the min she hit the bassinet, eyes flew open and started carrying on.
    What we've found to do now is just let her sleep in her bouncer in the day. She seems to prefer it and also too she isn't flat. When she gets tired i just sit her in it and rock it and she'll fall asleep and when she starts to wake can quickly rock it again before she gets too cranky.
    I also find walks puts her off to sleep straight away and if shes still asleep when we get home i just leave her to sleep in it, also those baby slings/carriers, I go around the house doing what I ned to do and when she falls asleep i leave her in it but just take it off me and put her in her bassinet or bouncer.
    Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you, its pretty much trial and error to see what your babay likes.

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    Im the same, Julia wont sleep during the day if I stay at home, the only way she will sleep for little stints of 1 hour or so is if we go out in the pram. Also topping her up with formula has helped a bit for an extra hour she will sleep during the day if she decides she wants too. Do they have growth spurts at 6 weeks?


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    I went through the same thing with Tori, but she has gotten much better now. She has 3-4 naps a day of between 45mins & 2 hrs. Do you swaddle him? I didnt used to swaddle her during the day but as soon as I started she started sleeping for longer.
    If you are worried about reflux have you tried propping up one end of the bassinet? Also I rolled up 2 cloth nappies and put them either side of her in the bassinet to help her feel more secure.

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    I went to sleep school when my son wa 8 weeks old because he refused to sleep during the day, and would turn feral from 5pm to midnight before sleeping (exhausted). He would sleep for blocks during the night.

    Sleep school was great, and showed me how to recognise his 'tired signs' and put him in his cot immediately - wide awake if necessary. Then pat him on the side and ssshhh ssshhh him to relax. They recommended the 'cherry' type dummy which wouldn't fall out (but you might not want to use this type of dummy if you are bf). They try to discourage picking your baby up every time it cries... although they were NOT into controlled crying. Simply learning to recognise the cries. Sometimes it is a way for the child to release their tension. Sooky, grissling is okay. If they get hysterical, pick them up.

    I found sleep school was a god send, and was able to get my son to have regular naps throughout the day, which made him much more relaxed in the evening.

    Admitably, he's now 22 weeks, and we are going back to sleep school in a week to get him to sleep longer during the day, and cut out a 4am wake-up (a habit - he doesn't feed).

    Whatever you try... just know that it will improve. But get as much advice as you can because there is no need to suffer if you don't have to. Try a new method for at least 3 days, and be consistant.

    Good luck!

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    Cooper went through a stage of being a terrible day sleeper lots of cat naps. Or I'd have to get him to fall asleep on me.

    So I tried wrapping him again and darkening his room and this helped a lot. It may also have been just something he grew out of.

    Hang in there! It may pass.

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