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Thread: 7 Months Today!!!!

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    Talking 7 Months Today!!!!

    Where has the time gone?

    And where has my baby gone? From about 5 months he's being trying to prove he's not a baby anymore and its getting worse EVERY day!

    He's been standing & climbing for nearly a month, started sitting unnassisted a few days ago (and is able to move from this position), he's been doing the breaststroke shuffling for a few months (he can crawl its just been quicker for him), and today he's decided he'll crawl more than he does shuffle. He can fall into the sitting position or on his knees so he is learning to fall although he does have quite a few mishaps LOL! Yesterday he came a cropper and has a nice wee shiner under his eye now.

    Its so strange when I look at the differences between my babies, with Paris at 7 months she wasn't even sitting, or crawling, or standing or anything LOL! She was still very much a baby where as with Seth I have to be sure I have eye's in the back of my head as he's a tearaway and has no fear, he's not too destructive with things or rooms just too gung ho and thinks he is invincible its himself he hurts LOL! No teeth yet, but his gummy kisses are the best! Still sleeping through, and not on solids yet.

    But apart from how unbelievable proud I am of my little boy, I am most proud of the fact that I have continued to nourish and sustain him for the past 7 months! WOOHOO!

    I look at my little bruiser now, and its hard to believe that it was only 7 months ago that I held my tiny (well tiny to me ) baby in my arms for the very first time. And I'm so proud of all that our little family has achieved in this time. His big sister is the greatest big sister in the world I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful little family

    I am one proud happy mumma!


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    Gosh Cailin, the time really has flown hasn't it? I have always believed that the second one grows up faster than the first and I kwym about needing eyes in the back of you head - Erin was like that for me.

    You should feel proud of yourself too, you have two wonderful children who just adore you!

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    I hear you CAilin, we are at 10 months now, and I don't know where the time has gone. THe scariest part is that it means we're close to christmas! Time flies. But i hear you on being proud, it's been such a jam packed 10 months and seeing them grow and develop is truly amazing and exciting.

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    Cai, congratualtions to you.......he is adorable, and you are right to be proud......

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    my dd is7.5 months and only just started sitting good boy seth ! its funny, i still look at sophie and think she is a newborn LOL !!!Its only when i see a real newborn i realise, nope, she's a big girl now !!

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    OMG Cailin. I nearly fell off my chair when i read that title. I can't believe he is 7mths old already !! Sounds like he is doing wonderfully well


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    *sniff sniff* our little boys are growing up so fast.
    No wonder you're so proud, you're building a wonderful family. Paris sounds like a wonderful big sister.
    Congratulations on 7 months breastfeeding!!! Imran got his first solids last week and the little piggy already scoffs an entire jar!!!
    Imran got his first piggy back/bronco ride this morning. He pulled himself onto Yasin's back and Yasin commando crawled with him on his back for a about a meter and then shook him onto the floor. Imran thought it was the funniest thing ever!!! I love watching my babies sharing a laugh or a tender moments.

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    Awwwww 7 months??? How did that happen???

    And he's definately a boy's boy from your description - like I say about Zander, he has 2 speeds, fast forward & asleep!!

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    Awww Cailin, I know it's so hard to believe the time has gone that fast, isn't it??!

    Good on Seth for doing all the things he wants to do. Sounds funny to hear someone else who says their baby doesn't want to be a 'baby' anymore - we say the same things about Lucy! She sounds like she's doing many of the things Seth is, although she's been sitting up for a little while now (so much that she hates being laid down - I'm looking forward to her pulling herself into a sitting position so maybe Seth could give her some tips!).

    *Sigh* I bet the next seven months go by just as quickly!

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