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Thread: 7mnth old amusing themselves.

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    Default 7mnth old amusing themselves.


    Ds is almost 7 mnths, and if left alone to play for any longer thn 5mins, he starts to cry, loves being played with ,, is this normal?? or loves to be held

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    Sounds the same as Olivia at that age. Charlie, on the other hand, was quite happy to amuse himself. Lexie is a mix of both: normal, frustrating at times, but normal.

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    Has he always been like this, or do you think it could be a phase he is going thru?

    Abby went thru a phase of doing what you describe.... would chuck a fit if we left her to entertain herself....she got over it tho. I think its pretty normal!!

    I hope it gets better for you soon.

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    Cooper won't even last 5 minutes. He cries as soon as I start to walk away from him!

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    Nina goes through phases like this too. One day she'll be happy to entertain herself all day, then the next day she'll want to be held, or entertained.

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    William is the same. It makes it hard to get things done around the house that's for sure. At the moment he is trying to crawl but can't work out to move his hands and is getting really frustrated. I am hoping once he is crawling he will be happier on his own. But then again I will be spending all day chasing him around the house!! Are we ever happy?? LOL

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