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Thread: 8 mo having tantrums?

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    Default 8 mo having tantrums?

    I think my DS has started to throw a few wobbly's! I can't be sure it's not related to something else as he has been sick and could be teething but I just wondered if they are capable of having a tantrum to get what they want at this age? He seems to really put it on by crying, back arching rolling around the floor, pushing away objects given to him and won't be soothed until we pick him up and walk around with him.

    If it is just a tanty what is the best way to deal with an 8 month old??? Any suggestions would be great!

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    They can certainly throw tantrums at this age, Matthew will be 8 months next week and his first tantrum came through when he was approximately 5 months of age this only happened a couple of times then stopped then tantrums started ll over again last week but this time far worse, he`ll just throw himself and start kicking and crying and nothing will soothe him, it makes it difficult to hold him if he actually has a tantrum in your arms, having 10kgs throwing himself everywhere is very hard to keep under control. I always try to calm him down by talking calmly and if he`s in my arms holding him securely.

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    Eliza is throwing wobbleys quite often now if she doesn't get her own way, especially if she wants the keys of the car when put in her carseat. The tears vanish as soon as she gets what she wants. If it is an object she is having a tanty over I think I am going to let her throw it without giving in 8-[ . Saying that I'm sure if we are out in public I might not have the will power.

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    Jaykob does this when we go out in Shauns f150, because he sits in the front with us (its a ute bench seat) he has a chance to grab the steering wheel before hes been strapped in, so as soon as you go to put him in his seat, he arches his back and chucks a big tantrum!

    I definitly think babies can throw tantrums !


    Good Luck


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    Matilda started having mini tantrums at 8 months and it was definately a frustration thing, when she started walking at 9 months she settled for a while and then started them again right before the next big developmental change. HTH!

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    Yep i agree with the tantrum but also agree that they can be short lived if patience is used and you try to figure out what they want.

    I can only imagine that it must be frustrating to 'know' what you want but not be able to let anyone know

    Take Care

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