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Thread: 8 month old baby who bites

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    Default 8 month old baby who bites

    Cooper often bites me. Sometimes he gets quite frantic and claws me and clambers up on me with his mouth open and goes nuts on my face. Sometimes he sucks my face but often he will bite. This morning he was in bed with DH and I and climbing everywhere and anyway he managed to bite me on my back! Ouch!

    DH says he doesn't really bite him - it's just me.

    I wonder what it means? Maybe that he wants a BF or something?! I have no idea.

    I know I've seen toddlers go through biting phases - just never a baby Cooper's age? I think it is when he's excited though. Weird!

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    Oh yeah it really hurts sometimes! Ow!

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    My DS has started doing this as well in the last month. I copped a nice one on my shoulder the other night, owww. He seemes to do it like your son, when he is excited/hyper and it is usually in the witching hour before bedtime. I just stop what we are doing, sit him on the floor and tell him no, that hurts. I hope it is just a phase. oh and he only does it to me as well, so far not DH.

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