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Thread: 9 month old sleep problems?

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    Default 9 month old sleep problems?

    Can someone help me? My 9 month old daughter has been in the habit for the last 3 months of waking in the middle of the night and not going back to sleep for 2-3 hours. This doesn't happen every night but on average once a week. There is no set pattern as to what night she wakes up, she won't feed to sleep, she won't cry to sleep and I'm quite frankly over it. She goes down around 8pm and after 1 feed during the night she will sleep until about 5am, then another feed and back to sleep until 7-8am.
    She gets two sleeps through the day but they are usually only 30mins each maybe an hour if I'm lucky. Her teeth are coming through but she takes panadol and teething tablets to help that...I've tried topping her back up with panadol when she wakes around this time but she still stays awake for the 2-3 hours.
    Can someone offer any advice...?
    PS We currently live with the inlaws due to relocating and I try not to let her cry too much so that I don't disturb them...


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    Gee you are nice to your inlaws! lol let her cry i say ! hehe

    Seriously though. It is hard as their patterns change so much. DD was always a good sleeper but the same is teething and will wake up about 3am for 1-2 hrs the past few nights. I have found if i bring her into my bed she wants to play but if i keep her in her room in darkness (give nurofen and bongela) and rock or sit with her it may only take 1/2 hr...

    I know 1/2 hr is like a lifetime at 3am but i figure it is better than 2 hours of her poking my eyes and nose in bed with me

    Perhaps it is time to cut out a day sleep? or try more physical activites in the late afternoon to tired her out a little more?

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    It sounds like my DD a bit - she's nearly 10 months and while she's a pretty good sleeper, she has her nights where she wakes for no apparant reason. I figure teeth too but we don't give her panadol because she actially seems okay. Anyway I was going to suggest a couple of things:

    Get her to have more sleep during day (HARD I know!!!!) - either longer or more sleeps. In my DD's case sleep produces sleep. It might help.

    Next thing is, if she isn't crying too much just let her be in the cot - if she is crying then sit with her and settle her by patting her or the bed but if she is just grisling or not at all then just leave her. She'll amuse herself or nod of eventually. If she screams then it may take a couple of nights of settling and she'll learn to do it herself.

    Hope I can help!!

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    Perhaps get the ILs to help? Sometimes having a different face, in my case it is DHs, can shock bubby into going to sleep. He knows he will get away with more if I go in and check him. I do the feed, change his nappy (he is a pooey night sleeper ) and give him cuddles in very dim light. Then I pop him back to bed. If he cries again, which is quite rare unless teething or sick, I get DH to have a go. That way he justs gets a pat and reassurance, rather than me picking him up.

    If they are staying with you, why not put them to work? LOL

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