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Thread: Abnormal or Lazy?

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    Default Abnormal or Lazy?

    My DS will be 7 months on the 12th of May and does not even attempt to roll over. He hates tummy time and just whinges and whines until I sit him up. Even when he's stitting up he doesn't really attempt to move around or anything, just whinges coz he can't reach anything.....I know it's probably just him, but it is starting to frustrate me so much....Is he just lazy or could there be something else wrong???

    Could he maybe not want to move coz he has pain or something?? Though I guess he would be crying a lot more if he was in pain.

    Just don't know what to do....worried I'm going to have a blob till he's 21!

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    We used to put DD on a blanket and then DH and I would stand on either side of the bed, taking turns lifting our end of the blanket up so she would roll back and forth across the bed. She loved doing it and it also gave her the idea of rolling. Also when he is just lying on the floor, move his legs across so he gets the idea of how to do it.

    Also, if he tends to sit all the time he's not getting the chance to practice rolling - so even if he whinges and whines lying down, you need to stick with it. It may mean that you spend some more time lying down on the floor distracting him. DD used to hate tummy time, but I had a week where I made a really big effort with doing it lots and she was loving it (and able to do it for much longer) by the end of the week.
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    I don't think that it's all that unusual for them not to be rolling at 7 months, although sometimes it feels like that when you read/hear other people telling their stories about how much their kids are getting around. One of Liam's friends, who was born the same day, so he's 9 months & a bit, doesn't roll, and can't pull himself up to sitting from lying down, but he's a tall boy, so maybe that has something to do with it. also, one of the babies in my MG didn't roll, and wouldn't sit herself up until 10 months, when she spent a few days rocking on all fours and then started crawling everywhere. So I think that they all get there, just in there own time. Also, my niece, hated tummy time with a vengeance (screamed), and skipped crawling altogether in favour of the bum scoot. She was slower to walk than lots of kids (18 months), but she's now perfectly mobile, and even with the bum scoot, she could always get to where she wanted to get.

    Having said that, when I was worried about Liam's lack of "progress" in the rolling stakes (around 6 months), I spent quite a bit of time on the floor with him, often with a rolled up towel underneath his chest to support him, just keeping him happy while he was on his front. I would only do it for 2-3 minutes at a time to start with, unless he really objected, but I did it a few times a day with him. I also did what one of the other girls above suggested & kind of showed him how to roll by rolling him onto his side & supporting his back so that the only way to go was onto his tummy. Not sure if these things had any impact, or whether he was going to co-ordinate it anyway, but now he doesn't stop moving. So I sometimes kind of envy those people who have babies where they left them, cos mine could be anywhere.....the grass is always greener

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    My DS is almost 8 months old and is very happy to remain sitting. He can roll but only does it on the bed or couch, never on the floor. It is actually really handy because he isn't really mobile. He can butt scoot if he really wants to but doesn't very often. If he does want to go somewhere he waves his hands so he can hold someones hand and walk wherever he wants to go. I can't even do tummy time anymore because he goes onto his hands and knees and then back to sitting lol.

    I don't think he will be a blob at 21, he is just taking his time. I bet you he can reach things if he thinks you aren't watching lol

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