thread: Age, height, weight for car/booster seats and harnesses?

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    Age, height, weight for car/booster seats and harnesses?

    Ok, so what age/weight/height do kids have to be before they are out of child restraints?

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    Jan 2005

    i think it depends.
    theres currently legislation (not sure if its state or federal though) that will make a 5 point harness mandatory until the age of 5, and sitting in the back seat until 7.
    As far as i know in Vic, once a child is one they dont need to legally be in a child seat, which I think is crazy.

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    Kidsafe are really helpful regarding legislation/recommendations for child car restraints (and other child safety issues). You can visit the website at Kidsafe Victoria - Child safety is no accident | Kidsafe Victoria or call them.


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    Hi there
    My 7 year old dd has just moved out of a big booster seat into one of the small ones - (just the base) She still has the harness though. In terms of boosters - guidelines say that once there are eye level is higher than the back of the restraint , they are too big for it. I think i'll be keeping her in a harness for as long as I can.

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    "Keep using a child seat until your child outgrows it. It's time to change when your child's shoulders are too broad to fit into the seat or their head is above the back of the restraint.

    It's time for a young child to move out of a booster seat when the child's eyes are at the same level as the top of the car seat. "

    Quoted from NRMA website - safety......