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    Hey ladies

    we bought an air wrap a few months ago for Charlie because he wriggles around so much in his cot.

    He has just now started to stand in his cot and hang onto the side - problem is he plays with the air wrap - pulls it up and down or pushes it down with his foot trying to stand on it (???!??!).

    Does anyone use the air wrap - and if so have you had to take it off once your bub started standing and playing in their cot?

    Thing is he still needs it because when he's asleep he rolls around a fair bit and it stops his legs from dangling out the sides - but I just wonder if it's worth the hassle of having to run around the cot pulling it back up again after he falls asleep all the time!

    sorry I don't think there's a real question in there - I'm just thinking out loud!

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    LOL Fletch i was going to ask the same thing!

    ETA: Ok ive donme a google search and know what they are now....and i must say what a nifty idea....Chelsea needs one of them, she always puts her arms and legs out the sides....

    Id say it would be hard for you to just leave it..but id go and fix it each time he goes to there any way to make it really tight so he cant stand or pull on it Fraser??
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    Fraser Guest


    oh yaay for google!! I was getting ready for the longwinded explanation!!

    I didn't think to check their website to see if they have anything on there - good one!

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    haven't had this problem yet but Jack plays with his, I would just fix it up once asleep, the whole point of it is the can't use it to step on it like traditional bumper

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