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Thread: ALDI baby products recommended !!!

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    smiles4u Guest

    Thumbs up ALDI baby products recommended !!!

    Hi all you lovely Mum's & Mum's-to-be (... and don't forget those lovely Daddy's too),

    Just thought I'd pop this thread on of baby products I personally have tried from the shop "ALDI".

    I'm no expert & everyone's likes & dislikes are different. BUT I know I wish I had met someone who could have given me some recommendations of baby products, as you know you can truely burn through a bit of money trying products out !!!

    So here goes the following products I have tried and am very HAPPY with using for my 20mth old daughter (keeping in mind some of these products I have been using
    for quite sometime now).

    *** Mamia baby wipes, fragrance free (aqua pkt), extra soft wipes, with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E. Approx $2.99 a pkt of 80wipes

    *** Baby Own (name on label) JARS of baby food. These are actually manufactured by HEINZ.....FOR babies 6MTHS + Approx 79cents each. List below recommended :

    - Only gel (jelly) flavour available is 'Fruits of The Forest' (has in it Apple, Pear, Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Cherry ... It tastes just of Apple & Blackcurrant). Great chilled when bub is teething or when it's simply a hot day.

    - Pureed 'Apple & Oatmeal' , nice cold or warmed up in microwave. Yummy mixed with baby yogurt. OR mixed with a mashed banana.

    - Pureed 'apple & blueberry museli'. Once again, nice with baby yogurt.

    - Boxes of 224 2ply white Tissues, there is a sweet design with pink tulips ... Could suit girl's nursery/room. Approx $1.09

    - Westcliffe Apple & Blackcurrant Fruit Juice 2L. Approx $1.69, really nice, no sugar, can dilute with water for toddlers.

    I have NOT yet tried the Mamia Nappies !!! Incase anyone was to ask me

    .... Other items great to try that are not baby associated are the following :

    Parkwood Chocolate Chip Cookies 200g (best pkt choc chips biscuits EVER !!!)

    Bexlight Artifical Sweetener 300 Tablets (nicer than leading brands that I have tried)

    Tricare Liquid Hand Soap 250ml (antibacterial one)

    Ginger Kisses (better than Coles or Safeway ones ... And cheaper$ too)

    Hillcrest Poppyseed & Orange Cake Mix (my favourite, I add a bit of grated orange or lemon too)

    Hillcrest Chocolate Cake Mix (very chocolate)

    .... Hope I have HELPED someone find themselves a great product to LOVE like I do from ALDI
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    DoubleK Guest


    i use the nappies, and they are fantastic!! i wish someone had told me about them when Krystal was first born!!
    i havent tried the wipes as yet.

    i have bought the 1L shampoo & conditioner ($1.99ea) and they are excellent! im not one to buy expensive shampoo's anyways, but these are great for the price!!

    the chocolate chip cookies are yummy!! i usually buy 2 or 3 packets!

    the orange juice is great, as well as the orange and mango juice.. yesterday i bought eggs, margarine, chicken nuggets, cream, milk.. oh the list goes on, a full trolley for $53! dp was very impressed

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    smiles4u Guest


    Thx 4 that KRYSTAL BALL ....

    Yeh, my sister recently told me her friend uses the ALDI (Mamia) nappies & reckons they r G8 !! ... Yep, I will give em a try nxt shop there :woman:

    Oh, yeh you reminded me - the Apple/Blackcurrant Juice on the shelf (not fridge section) is so nice & so cheap too !!

    ... YES, how wicked are those choc chips cookies ... I beta go av myself one as we speak, ... YUM

    THX AGAIN ... Let me know of anything else U can think of U av tried there

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    I second that the Mamia nappies are great! I use them overnight with my DS#2 and we haven't had a single leak yet.

    Big fan of those choc chip cookies too! I sent my DH to get some more today.

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    i wish i was told about the nappies when mads was a newborn!! they are great!!

    melting moment biscuits are yummo!! i miss them seen that im on my diet!!

    frozen dim sims(in the 15 packet) and spring rolls are nice!

    baby yougurt maddy looooves!! $4.99 for 12 packet.

    milk is cheap.

    cheese is good.. in the block and the tasty chees slices!

    i got a kettle for $7.50 its was cordless!!

    DP likes there sausages!! i hate sausages to me they are just "lips and a$$holes"!!! LOL

    icey poles are nice!

    i will have to think of some more!

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    smiles4u Guest


    ..... OH, KEEP 'EM COMING LADIES !!!


    Yeh, the Westacre pkt of reduced fat cheddar cheese slices ARE REALLY NICE (not like some of those rubbery cheeses) !!

    How funny my DH has a thing for those sausages too !! Augh, I went a bit of sausages when I had bad morning sickness when pregnant.

    **** Let u all know if I remember any other great items there

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    I love everthing at Aldi

    I have been using there nappies and baby wipes since DD1 was born(almost 5yrs!!
    I think their nappies are better than huggies or the other expensive brands,i have never had a leak and they are also much much cheaper.
    I love there slice bread,its so fresh
    I cant really name everything i like because basically i havnt found anything i dont like at aldi
    I usually get a full trolley including nappies for around $100pw and that feeds my family of 4

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    DoubleK Guest


    oh i forgot about the bread.. 99c a loaf! and it was so fresh!
    and the shredded cheese!!
    breakfast bubbles - taste just like rice bubbles - im picky with my cereal!

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    There is a recent thread in the General Chatter about Aldi, started by Krystal Ball (thanks, I got some great tips!). It is here:
    It's definitely worth a read!

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    I've just tried the nuggets from ALDI last night. Got them when they were there thinking they looked like the McDonalds ones and they were yummo!! Tase like McDonalds I reckon. Now just have to go and buy some sweet and sour sauces from Maccas, lol.

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    I have to admit that I am a bit of an ALDI snob, I have never stepped inside one to be honest but from this thread I am going to take the leap and do a shop there. I can't believe how cheap it is, even to feed a family of 4 for about $100 per week - that's unbelievable. Will let you know how I go but I have to say that I am a bit excited.... xxoo

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    I was an ALDI snob until just before I had my girls..We did a shop there and could'nt believe how good the quality and prices were..My sister in law worked for their head office and said that the products are made by reputable companies..I wish I had started to shop there yrs ago...

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    by the lake .....


    I was an aldi snob too but now swear by their nappies and wipes and use heaps of other prodcuts too. The only items I have not been impressed with was a general purpose spray, soaker (like napisan) and laundry liquid. They were all too perfumed for me otherwise I do at least half of my groceries there - my cat won't eat their food and my husband doesn't like their tuna and there a few "brands" that I will only buy. Fussy I know.

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    smiles4u Guest


    Oh, U ladies R jst BRILLIANT !!!

    I couldn't do my whole family shop there ... BUT good on those that can !!

    I shop there about every 2 to 3wks & pickup my regular items ... I shop Coles on a weekly basis and Safeway if there are any great specials (single items).

    Yeh, it is trial & error with a few ALDI products. BUT so G8 when U find some super products at cheap prices

    Like the their Napisan brand (didn't do a thing), wafer biscuits (so bland, no flavour), American Choc Brownies (so rock hard), PowerForce Bath & Shower Cleaner (fumes are so toxic, gave me asthma).

    **** Other " GREAT ITEMS " I have also tried are the JADE brand 30pkt Froz Dim Sims (Yummo), Light Rye sliced bread (we swear it's Helga), Premium 6pkt Froz Meat Pies (has red foil wrappin), PowerForce Pine frag Disinfectant 1Litre (so like Pineoclean), Baby yogurt (sorry can't remember the label name), Dandy label 12pkt 2ly 260 white sheets toilet rolls (soft not harsh TP,I think about $4 or $4.30, so cheap !!)

    " TRISH " - Huge THANKS 4 Krystal Ball's thread

    ... "KRYSTAL BALL " - Hey 2 g8 minds think alike, ... Good on U !!

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