thread: Am I being mean?

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    Jan 2009

    bon I agree, its more a kinder aged thing.

    Yeah, we did it as an activity for grandparents day last year, really nice bonding activity - not for the little ones though, only the 3-5s.

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    Aug 2004

    I also agree is more a kinder aged activity.

    I would never have given my either of my 15 month olds anything like that myself, but if they were at playgroup or a party or something like that I would probably have allowed it just so they weren't left out of the fun.

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    Dec 2006
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    i really don't think your ds would even know what he was missing. I wouldn't have given my ds the lollies or chocolate, just the biscuit, although i agree a treat is ok every now and then, a 15 month old really doesn't understand the meaning of a treat etc so he really wouldn't think you were being mean at all.

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    Jan 2007

    Sirenz - you're right - he didn't notice at all! Was quite happy with his biscuit & sultanas! I think it was only the grown-ups who thought he was mising out!

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    Feb 2005
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    No I don't think its mean.. I know with my first he didn't get anything like that till he was nearly 2.. Admittedly I have relaxed a bit with number 4 :blush: She has had that except fairy bread but thats my own personal choice..

    I think the longer they can go without the junkier type foods the better..

    you do what sits you your Ds doesn't know whats hes missing as he is young and also doesn't know what it is

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    nah not mean at all. Kayla has had tastes of chocolate but definitely not whole ones, and she hasn't had lollies at all yet. She does have plain biscuits tho

    I probably wouldn't have let her participate in that either, and left it to the older kids.

    When we threw a kids party the only lollies we had were on the cake, and I don't think Kayla got a look in at all with the cake or lollies LOL. She was in her high chair making a huge mess with fruit!

    I think it's pretty easy to be discreet when not letting them have things like that, especially at this age, and really, they're none the wiser, so long as they have something in their hands to eat too hehe.

    Nic - I've found with #2 I've been a bit more lenient with everything LOL. It's harder to be stricter with TV & foods when there's an older sibling around heh.

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    Very Liz.. We found we were more lenient with 3 and 4. there was still a decent age gap and school had started for 1 when 2 was at the eating age so was easier with number 2 to not goto the junky foods for a bit longer..

    my excuse now is that Olivia needs fattening up hahaha