thread: Amber teething beads -coincident???

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    Amber teething beads -coincident???

    Not sure if its a coincident or not but just put the necklace & bracelet on DS today and after only 4hrs of wearing it he has just polished off 430ml, for the last 6 weeks since he started teething he has been having about 140ml then I struggle to make him drink anymore it has been a real battle but tonight he didn't even flinch at it

    To early to say if its working or not but it looks promising

    Just wondering what everyone else's experiences are.

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    Took 12 hours here but I'm scared to take it off her. It has worked miracles here and I don't think it's a coincidence or all in my mind. They rule!

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    We believe in them so much we bought one each for ourselves, one for my sister, and a spare for Jazz! They are amazing. If you have a look at the posts around here you'll be able to read our experience, and the experience of others. They are so great, such a great investment and makes me feel so good knowing we aren't dosing her up with panadol every day just to help her make it through.

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    Leasha, what do you guys use them for? i have been thinking about getting one for my Mum (who has a lot of pain) when i get one for my little girl.

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    Shel uses hers for headaches, and my sister has stopped getting her twice weekly migraines since we gave her one in February. I use mine for rheumatoid arthiritis, and have only had two flare-ups since getting them in January, down from monthly!

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    I thought they took about 12-24 hours for them to start working, but who really knows the power of amber! I love DD's necklace, the 2nd night after she started wearing she slept through the night which she hadn't done for months. Although she has only slept through once more since then I still believe it works...I haven't given her panadol or bonjela since she has started wearing it. I can just see her eye teeth at the surface of her top gum so i don't think they are very far from coming through.

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    I still have to give dd pain relief at night but never during the day anymore. She is much better at night than without it though she only wakes up if when she needs more pain relief instead of crying in her sleep.

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    I get asked a lot if they work... my answer... well I can't be sure cos I'm not stupid enough to take it off to test BUT... Elijah didn't fare too well with his first 2 teeth, but with the next 9 that he's gotten so far he's done really well and had panadol only a few times when he's been particularly restless with his molars... well actually he was getting 2 at the same time and they were bothering him. So, I can only assume that yes they work and they are really effective. I have friends who have also got them after I mentioned them and the same... different kids with them on!

    My 3 year old also has one, he didn't have it for teething, but I figured it's not going to hurt him as they help with a lot of different ailments etc.

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    Jun 2009

    Mine is on it's way, I hope it arrives on Monday we are getting desperate here!!

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    Leasha, you're so lucky! I think my rheumatoid arthritis is in CONSTANT flare... But I did notice a difference when I first put it on and haven't been brave enough to take it off since!