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Thread: Amount of solids for 5 month old

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    Default Amount of solids for 5 month old

    Hi All,

    My question is about how much solids to give 5 month old DD at her mealtimes (she's eating twice daily as of yesterday). Do most babies stop eating when they'e full or can they just keep going? Mine looks like she can keep going if I don't cut her off! Do u offer more or is it prudent to wait until she's well and truly 6 months old before I increase her meal sizes? With solids now, she's also on 5 bottle of more or less 180mls formula a day.

    She started with a cpl of baby spoons of Farex with formula but soon demanded more. Now of a late morning meal she has farex with grated apple (maybe about 10 tiny spoonfulls all up). This goes in a flash (she takes spoon off me, licks it clean and screams when there's no more) and then she might have 150mls of her bottle, where before solids it would be 180 mls easily.

    I have just started a second solids meal in late arvo of a lesser amount of pureed sweet potato followed by her 150ml bottle. But she screams when the food and bottle is finished. It feels like a lot of food to me. So far no increase in posetting and all poops have been normal if a little more colourful And she's a lot less grumpy in the daytime lately. No teeth yet, though.

    She's a big baby so I'm guessing big appetite? Or maybe a growth spurt at this time?


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    Hi Neuri,
    Just wanted to suggest giving your DD her bottles before solids as at her age her milk is far more important than food. This might also help with her over enthusiasm with food. As for amount of solids, sounds like what you're doing is great. I don't see a problem giving her a little more if she is enjoying it but I would stick to baby farax only until 6+mths.

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    I agree with Jac on this one. Before the age of eight months, you really should be offering the bottle first. Solid can come an hour or so after this.

    Other than that, it sounds like you're doing great! Your listening to bubs and following her cues!

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