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    I just wanted to remind everyone that uses an angelcare monitor and has a fan on in their babies room to check that the monitor is not picking up vibrations from the fan. I had a fan on in Tori's room the other day and she was sick on her mattress, so I quickly lifted her and the mattress out without switching of the monitor, I didnt realise I hadnt switched off until a little bit later when I went back in to turn the fan off and the monitor went off 20 secs later.
    So if you have a fan on in your babies room, just try turning the fan on and the monitor on without the baby in the cot to check that it is all ok.

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    I learnt about this problem on Belly Belly a month or so ago.

    Ours does not work when the fan is on. Bit of a pain really.

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    We have just bought a Angelcare montior however hubby through out ALL of the paper work and the bin man has been so i cant try and look for it in the bin.. So does anyone have a copy of the instructions.. I am pretty sure it is easy to use but i want to make sure that i am doing it correctly.. If anyone has a copy of them theat they could scan and email i would be very greatful.. otherwise if anyone could advise a phone number from the packet i will call them.. xoxo thanks so much !!

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    Which AngelCare monitor model did you buy Little Princess?

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    Thanks heasps for your email Anna** I have printed what i need and can make sure i am using it correctly...

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