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Thread: Angelcare vs Babysense?

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    Hi, I'm interested in knowing what people think of the Angelcare vs Babysense movement monitors? My baby girl is growing out of the bassinet which is next to my bed and I'm not reay for her to sleep in her own cot at night. She's growing up too fast. I really like popping my head over in the middle of the nigh to see if she is ok. Thinking maybe I would feel more comfortable getting a movement monitor.
    thanks in advance

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    Jodie259 Guest


    I've got a babysense and I love it.
    I can't compare because I don't know anything about angelcare.
    My son's room is at the furthest place from our bedroom... and now he is sleeping on his tummy (he's 6 months old). I feel much more comfortable knowing that the monitor is on.

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    I have the Angelcare sound and movement monitor and passionately love it. I don't have any experience of Babysense to compare it with but I think any monitor which has the movement function is a great thing. I know they are not a guarantee but like Caro, I feel they are well worth it.

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    Fee Guest


    We have the Angelcare and have found it to be great. Although when the ceiling fan is on, the breathing sensor no longer works (you can lift your bub out of the cot without switching the unit off and the alarm does not sound). We just have the one with 1 sensor pad.

    Apparently the Babysense one still works even with the fan on.

    Something to consider.

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