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Thread: Antibiotics and the effect on eating

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    Question Antibiotics and the effect on eating

    need help!!!
    Charlie is on antibiotics for his chest infection. for the last 2 days he won't drink his bottles, Wednesday night he had a feed at 8.30pm then thursday morning he had his bottle at 6.30am. them wouldn't eat another one till 1pm then another one at 6pm and that was it for the night he woke up at 1am and i gave him a bottle then (last night) tried to give him one when he woke up at 7.30am and he wouldn't take it. so i gave him some custard at 9.30 and he took a bit of that. I just tried to give him another bottle now (12pm) and he only took about 115mls and then started spitting it out and cracking it at me. He is not in a bad mood or anything he is happy all the time just won't take a bottle

    he is only averaging 3 bottles a day instead of 5

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    He can have some fast-tract - its chockas with pro-biotics and will help get his litle system back into balance... click my sig link it has more info about it. Just needs 5mls not the full 25mls.
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    I think he may be refusing more because he is unwell, and not necessarily because of the antibiotics. I have given Paige the fast-Tract like Kelly suggested when she recently had antibiotics to help her little tummy deal with it.

    Try not to worry too much about quantities he is having, but mainly try to keep him hydrated and offer small feeds regularly. You will find that once he is on the mend, that his appetite will be back with a vengeance and you will be feeding him more often.

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