thread: Any ideas on a good 'disipline' book?

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    Question Any ideas on a good 'disipline' book?

    Hi! I've got a 14 month old DS who is the best little person ever (as they all are!) but he's starting to throw tantrums and has just become very clingy in the last couple of weeks. He has his molars coming through so I know he's not himself but I'm just not sure what the best thing is to do about the tantrums etc.

    Anyway, I just wondered if any of you have come across a good/handy but easy reading 'disipline' (sp?) book?? Something that gives ideas on how to handle tantrums, clinginess, holding mums hand while walking, sitting in the highchair to eat dinner etc. I don't want anything too strict or anything involving smaking etc, just some gentle ideas on ways to get my little man to learn the 'rights' from 'wrongs' if that makes sense?!?!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Dr Sears has a book called The Discipline Book. It has ideas for all sorts of situations but more than that it also has the tools to help you figure out your own strategies.
    You can order it from his website and also lots of it is online.

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    A more general book is The Science of Parenting... I have found it invaluable, it goes into details explaining the changes in your babies/toddlers/childs brain, and why they have tantrums, and behave the way they do in all sorts of situations, and the best way to go about managing it.
    It is not a specific book on discipline though, but it certainly offers a wonderful insight into the workings of our little ones brains and thinking... from newborn to child.

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