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Thread: any ideas to help with earache?

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    Default any ideas to help with earache?

    My dd had a normal day till about 5:00 this arvo when she went in to melt down mode she started pulling and rubbing on her ear and didn't know what she wanted for comfort she would cuddle me then push me away, lie her head on the pillow or on me then move again soon after wouldn't eat tea, gave her Nurofern at 6:00 and then DH called in to chemist who suggested that excess fluid from nose congestion causes earache so we gave her some Demazin as well is there anything else that I could try, hate seeing her in pain.
    Did have a bottle and has gone off to sleep guess we'll see a little later in the night.

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    we just went through this - had the most terrible night. We just had aricyn on panadol, but you can give them panadol, then in two hours, give nurofen, then panadol another 2 hours after that, if necessary. Aricyn was fine with just the panadol, but we had antibiotics for his ear infection. We thought it was a cold he was getting, so we had him on demazin, which did nothing. We took him to the doc as soon as mucus was running out of his eyes. Good luck!!!

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    Hi Allie,
    Poor little one....
    An idea, if she will cop it is if you have a wheat/heat pack you could warm it a little and if she has a pillow stick it in her pillow case to warm her pillow.... I used to get the worst ear aches in the world when I was little... from about 5yo on and if mum didnt have a heat pack she would heat salt in a saucepan and put it in a folded tea towel and stick that in my pillow

    The heat just helps take the pain away and loosen the congestion but dont know if a little one would like it.
    Hopefully she wakes up tomorrow morning and its gone.
    Good luck

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    warm face washer in the ear is nice for an earache or as suggested above a weat pack all the best

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