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Thread: any ideas what to do??

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    Default any ideas what to do??

    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows if theres any treatment or course of action i should take for DS..hes 14 mths old and his finger got stuck under an opening door(thanks to his grandad) and his nail has just fallen off(about 3 weeks after the injury)his nail bed looks a little inflamed(it was very black and manky-but i gave it a clean with a washer and all the dead skin and stuff came off)it is now pink and much healthier looking, but has a little bit off dry yellow skin too. It looks like the new nail is growing out from the back(where the 'half moon' normally is on a nail) but just wondering what the usual treatment is for this..

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    i would go to doc if you are worried, or pop into chemist they can advise you on weather it should be covered or something put on it. the placed babies stick their hands you dont wand him to keep injuring it or getting dirt onto it so i would keep it well covered .

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    Thanks for your help..

    i ended up taking him to the docs and she said its ok, it will grow back by may or may not grow back a bit deformed but i guess it probably won't bother him too much since hes a boy..

    Thanks again!!

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