thread: Anyone got an Angel Care monitor?

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    layla Guest

    Anyone got an Angel Care monitor?

    Hi, I've been looking into monitors and there is onecalled the Angel Care monitor which has caught my eye.
    As well as functioning like a regular monitor it is also a movement detector. There are pads that go under the mattress and detect baby's breathing. If there has been no movement for 20 seconds an alarm sounds at the parents end of the monitor.
    I like the idea of it as I'm a chronic checker-of-baby's-breathing, but I'm worried it would only increase anxiety? (ie, what if the alarm goes off?)
    DH works with someone who has one and they reckon it's great but I'd like to get other opinions.

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    We've got one, but we're not using the cot yet as bub is in our room in his hammock.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2005
    Bunbury, WA

    The only probs with the breathing detecting moniters is when the little one starts being able to roll or arch their back... then they can set the alarm off all the time.. my little brother had one coz he always used to stop breathing, but luckily we tended to get to the hospital in time, and from then on it was monitered..

    So you might wanna stop using the pad part once they get to a movey stage..

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    I have one (I am loaning it from a friend) but I don't use the pads because I think it would just make me paranoid. I have heard that the alarm goes off all the time when there is nothing wrong so I didn't want to put myself through the stress.
    As far as the sounds go, it is a great monitor!

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    *Rachel* Guest

    I love mine, but beware - sometimes it won't go off if there is other pressure on the pads besides the baby.

    We found this out one night when it was hot and I had the ceiling fan on in Keenan's room. I picked him up at 4am to feed, and forgot to turn the monitor off. Halfway through the feed, I see this flashing light - it's the monitor still going on as if Keenan is still in the cot.....

    I did heaps of 'tests' with the ceiling fan, an oscillating fan and no fans, and it wouldn't alarm when the fans were puiitng 'air' pressure on the cot.

    I still use mine with the pads, but we weigh up if we use fans or monitor when it's really hot!

    I also test mine regularly - it won't stop SIDS, but at least it can alert you if bubs stops breathing.

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    layla Guest

    Thanks girls, I think we'll go ahead and get one.

    I also test mine regularly - it won't stop SIDS, but at least it can alert you if bubs stops breathing.
    Why won't it stop SIDS? If you can get to the baby and resuscitate them in time it could be prevented surely?

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    Platinum Member

    Nov 2004

    I bought one on the recommendation from a friend who has one. Haven't used it yet but it is definately one of the most popular monitors on the market. They come up on eBay all the time and go for $80-$150. I think they retail at $190.

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    layla Guest

    Target and our local baby shop have them on special at the moment for $150. I'll check out e-bay though.

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    Platinum Member

    Nov 2004

    I would get one at Target for that price as the eBay ones are second hand and there are no guarantees.

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    *Rachel* Guest

    Sorry Layla, #-o

    I haven't explained myself well enough! It won't stop your baby from getting the 'symptoms/effects' of SIDS but it may alert you in well enough time to resuscitate your little one.

    There's a warning on the packet stating that it isn't a 'preventative' device.


    PS, did I mention that I can hear my neighbour's baby crying (and other various things) if I switch it to the other receiving channel on our monitor!!! ! LOL!!!

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    layla Guest

    LOL, On our old monitor I used to pick up our next door neighbour talking on her cordless phone! Not that I was listening or anything................ 8-[

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Damn! I just checked my monitor on the other channel and nothin! I wanna eaves drop!! LOL

    Hang on... that means that other people might be able to listen in to me!! Oh dear 8-[ LOL