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    wasn't sure where to post this question? Is it possible for little babies to have Asthma and weazing? Elle is 5 months old andi know when she was little milk in her throat would make a similar noise but she has outgrown that ( I think?), she seems generally well besides being grizzly but she has been teething. the only thing is she is making this very wheezy sounding noise when she breathes and is having difficulty sleeping, she does have a small cold which she has had for about 2 weeks. Just wondering if i should take her to GP - just seems like i am taking her every second week for something or another!!! any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks ](*,)

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    I would probably take her just to be sure, Rails.

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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

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    Definately take her!!!

    Dont want to panic you but I died twice from Bronchial Asthma & my uncle revived me once & the other time we were just arriving at the hospital!
    I think the first time I was about 4months old!

    So please do take her, just to be sure!!!

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    Go to the Doctors. Mackenzie had 'asthma' like symptons when she was 5 months old however my Doctor said they don't diagnose asthma until they are 9 months old due to their lung development. Our Doctor still put us on a preventer and also suggested to put a puffer in the cupboard incase she ever had an attack just to be safe. The preventer seemed to help and Mackenzie is now 16 months old and hasn't had any symptoms since around Christmas last year.