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    I have two of the Avent Magic Cups for DD. Avent claims they are no spill. Hwever mine are always leaking!!! Does anyone else have this issue? I've checked to ensure the lid isn't screwed on too tightly and have also checked the valve is assembled correctly. I even had it checked by someone at the Pregnancy, Baby, Child Expo a few weeks ago. I've emailed them and am waiting a reply but am really over it right now... I pack spare clothes in DD's nappy bag incase SHE wets herself or chucks... not incase her cup leaks!!!!

    Has anyone used the Tommy Tipee one? What do you think of those?

    Advice would be great!



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    We have the tommee tippee ones and LOVE them. I had the heinz ones and the avent ones with paris (and the Tom Tip) but the tommee tippee one is the only one that seems to have gone the miles and never leaked as much as the others.

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    we used the pigeon magmag up till 2 weeks ago and have moved onto tommee tippee straw cup but mag mag was great

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    We have an Avent one as well and it also seems to leak sometimes. It doesnt leak every time, probably just to do with the way Claire holds it and throws it around.

    wil be watching this thread for more sugggestions!

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    We had the Avent one & DS wouldn't drink from it at all, I think the teat is too hard. So I bought a TT cup too as it has the silicon leaks all the time!! I was just complaining today to DH how I'm sick of it leaking everywhere. We also have one with a staw in it, not sure what brand...DS can't yet suck from it but it never seems to leak. I know what you mean, it's so annoying. I like to give DS his cup when we go walking as it's hot, but it seems to go everywhere.

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