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    My lovely Monster continually akes up at 5AM. Usually I can get her to stay in her cot for another 20 minutes singing to her teddies but she doesnt go back to sleep. I was wondering if anyone has ideas for getting her to sleep a bit longer - at the moment she is so tired by 10:30AM that I have to put her to sleep and then the afternoons are a nightmare as she is really tired again.

    At the moment she has dinner at 4:40-5PM, then bath, milk and bed at 6:30PM. I was wondering if maybe I should feed her a bit later?

    Any ideas???

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    Hi Mimo,

    Ella was doing that too around the same age. I just fed her, changed her nappy and put her straight back to bed. Eventually she slept a bit longer and woke up at 7am.

    But now a days she wakes every 3 hours in the evening. Just a week ago she would sleep 10-11hrs a night which we loved. Their sleep patterns change so quickly so i'm just going with the flow...

    I tried putting Ella to bed later too. But she still woke at 5am but was even more unsettled. Have you tried blacking out the room? so she doesnt wake with the sun?


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    My DS does the same. It doesn't matter what time i put him to bed, he's still up between 5-5.30 am. His normal routine is bed at 6.30pm too. Every few mornings I'll get until 6.30. The sun's not an issue because it's not rising until about 6, and his room stays dark for ages.

    Sorry, no suggestions, but I totally sympathise.


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    Hi MiMo,
    Jacob wakes up every morning without fail at 6:30am, he is just on 4 months and still has 3 sleeps a day... he has a little morning sleep a lunch time sleep that is his longest for the day and then a little afternoon kip. I usually put him to bed about 8pm.. sometimes it can be a little bit later.. 9 at the very latest.
    I know I will be cutting out one of his naps soon but if he is tired then why not let him sleep! No point having a grumpy baby I think
    Anyways.. maybe just try keeping her up a little later... I find that if jacob has a full on play with us before he goes to bed he wakes up about 15 minute later than usual.. hehe... Not much but it all counts for us mummies!!!

    Good luck and i hope you find something that works for you!

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    OMG I totally sympathise. I think our little ones may be in a 5am colt or something
    My little girl is awake by 5-6am every day. You could nearly use her an an alarm clock. I have just been on the net today to try find a way I can get her to sleep longer.
    I have decided that I'm just going to feed her when she wakes, change her than straight back to bed, and leave her there until she starts to cry, comfort her, leave her again, and hope that after a week or two she might find it easier just to stay asleep a little longer.
    Keeping her awake any longer at night makes a difference with her. No matter what time she goes to bed and it's normally 7 at the very latest, she still wakes up at the same time every morning.
    Good luck.

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    Aidyn had been doing this on and off for the past year as well, but I do find every few months the routine changes. Atm he is now sleeping in until 6.30.... so I hope that it happens for you soon too!

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    My son who is 12 months sleeps in till 6am most mornings, and if I'm lucky 7am when my hubby gives him a bottle when he wakes. I however feed him alot later in the day, dinner between 6-7pm, then a bath and a bottle to go to sleep on. So really he isn't going in to bed until after 8pm. When I was feeding him by 5pm and putting him to bed by 7pm, he would be awake between 4-5am. Basically I let him tire himself right out and he just falls asleep. Like every other mother I tried everything that was suggested to me but this is the only way that works for us.....

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