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    OK, DS has taken to playing with my cabbage patch kid LOL. He gives it cuddles and kisses and even burps it!

    The other day he asked me to take off her jumpsuit so he could put a nappy on her. He found that too difficult (was standing on a chair at the change table hehehe) so he decided she should wee on the toilet. I only discovered this after he'd brought her to me with wet feet & wet hair (argh) and I asked him what happened. He said "dolly wee toi-et". (yeah I know - I should train this kid already LOL)

    And today, he was sitting in the washing basket with the doll having a "bath", next thing he lifts up his shirt and feeds her! hee hee it was sooo cute. He said 'bubby mulk' and attached her perfectly he held her there and even stroked her legs LOL just like I do when bub is feeding. I laughed and asked him if he has milk in his boobies and he said "nooooooo" and laughed. But he kept feeding her.

    *sigh* sooo cute. Just had to share

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    Awww Liz - I had a big giggle at this! How cute!!!!

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    aawww what a sweetie

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