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    i went to the baby expo in melb yesterday and found Baba slings, dose anyone know what they are like, i am thinking of getting one as i treid it with Charlotte and she loved it.

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    SA great!


    somepeople love them. others find the clip uncomfortable.
    i looked at alot of babywearing site for reviews before i purchased a sling

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    i got one and used it about three times. i dont think i could get the hang of inserting my newborn into it. she always looked squashed and her neck looked like it was all awkward. i am hoping to use it again when she is older and has more control of her neck. it cost $100 so i hope i can use it again!

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    I still use mine, we did not get it till Maggie was 4 months, so I have tended to always have her upright in it. I find it great to have in the bottom of the pram ready for when she is in on of those moods where she wants to be carried. It is great for the quick in and out without having to put her down. I find it a bit too hard on my shoulder though if I have to carry her for too long. For longer trips I go with the HAB.

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