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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had, had their children really close together and had them a year or less apart. We were planning on having 3 children all a year apart but after suffering PND. I'm not sure I could cope with 3 babies under 4 at home. What have others experiences been and would you do it again or is it just to much work ?


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    Sharon, I'm TTC again, my DS is only 3mo. I am 13 months younger than my brother, he is 19 months younger than my sister and my mum coped!!

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    I can't speak from personal experience but my Mum has 3 in 2 1/2 years. She has always said that the most difficult thing was having 2 "babies" at the same time that were at different stages. And the nappies! But she still says she wouldn't have changed it if she had her time again because life was such a blur that she must have been enjoying it!

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    I`m going to have 15 months between #1 and #2, I know it`s going to be hard for the first few months but I`m hoping once bub #2 is up and moving around it will get easier. DH is already planning on our #3, his idea is that I`ll be heavily pregnant or have #3 with us by the time #1 is 2.5 years.

    I haven`t really ansered your question but I think if you feel it`s the right thing to do go ahead.

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    Our bubs are going to be only 13 months apart and I must say I do wonder how I am going to cope.But to be honest I think when the time comes you do just cope.You do what you have to do.We planned for our bubs to be close together and we know its gonna be hard at times but thats half the fun!!

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