thread: Babies developmental age?

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    Aussie_Chik Guest

    Babies developmental age?

    My lo was born at 37 weeks. I know this is considered full term, but he is so much smaller and seems less alert than other babies of his age - he is now 6 weeks. Is his developmental age lagging or should I not be comparing him to others?

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    Kellee Guest

    It's hard not to 'compare', especially when you don't know what 'normal' is (ie. if this is your first bub, etc.). I think the thing to remember is that all babies are different. I've noticed that many babies developed in certain ways, eg. some develop very well vocally but don't "move" much until later on, whereas my Charlie is a crawling, walking, moving maniac but hasn't said anything yet! (I don't know which I would prefer... :-s ) The first few months are such a period of change, so don't stress too much about anything like that. If you're really concerned, speak to your GP - always follow your gut instinct and get things checked if you feel that bub needs it - but otherwise relax and enjoy the journey. Sounds like you're doing a great job.

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    Melinda Guest

    I'd suggest talking to your GP or MCHN if you are in ANY way concerned about your little one's health, but as Kellee quite rightly said, the key is to remember that all babies develop at different rates. They are all little individuals who grow and learn differently to one another.

    It really is hard when it's your first baby and you don't know what is considered 'normal', but I'm sure if you talked to some other Mum's, you'd probably find that they share the same concerns as you and are wondeirng the same things!! I know that I had the same thoughts as you, and when I joined a Mother's Group, I realised that most of the other Mum's were really interested in what the other babies were doing so that they could tell whether what their baby was doing was up to speed LOL!! It was through going to the Mother's Group that I realised just how very individual and different each baby is and that it pays not to draw comparisons or else you can end up pretty stressed.......I'm sure your little one will achieve plenty of milestones when they are ready!!

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    Aussie_Chik Guest

    Thanks for your reassurances, I guess I was more wondering whether his age should be adjusted like a premmies would be?

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    Resident Samsquanch

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    I still catch myself comparing my boys with others. It's not in a bad way but I do find it fascinating the way they do some things before and other thing after other kids.

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    Honey, don't ever compare, that's the worst thing to do, I know it's almost impossible, but don't. Mum's are the worst for doing that, even with their own kids,especially if bubs was early.

    Mine were early almost both born on the sameday preggers wise-35.5/40 for Nyah and 35.6/40 for Will, and I even do it, thinking she was sitting up by herself at 7mths and he's not, big f$%#@ing whoopy, they all develop at their own time-DON"T PUSH, their are babies in my mother's group that are crawling and their 7mths and sitting up, if you compare, you'll get yourself all worried about nothing-trust me, I did it and it's not worth it.

    Hope I helped-take care ok.xx O