thread: Babies having their ears pierced

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    May 2007

    The earrings on the little girl today were bigger than sleepers. They were quite large loops.

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    Oct 2007

    Caro- Just a feeling I have..oh well we plan on having 4 im sure 1 will be a boy.

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    Jul 2005
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    Necklaces on a 16 month old??? And in the pool??? Um... that's pretty dangerous Why are the parents really making their child wear so much jewelry? My guess is that it points to an underlying insecurity, a need to "show off" their child in a way that maybe even displays their wealth? I'm sure the child would feel more comfortable without the stuff on. Why is a baby, in its pure form, in need of these kinds of embellishments as if it's not beautiful in it's own right? There is enough time for the world to make it's mark on our children... why not preserve the beautiful purity of a baby's skin for as long as you can? Once again.... just my view, don't expect everyone to share.

    ETA: I didn't realise some baby's wear necklaces for cultural reasons.... apologies for any offence.
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    Feb 2004

    Bath, Italian & Greek families from what I gather are very much into wearing jewellery from a young age. My friend's daughter that I mentioned has worn a bracelet & necklace since her christening at 8 weeks old. It's a very big thing in her Italian family to give gold in any form as a present for every occassion & it's an insult if the child is seen without it on. So for example if this little girl was at the supermarket & they bumped into her grandmother & she wasn't wearing the bracelet she was given there would be big trouble for her mum.

    I'm not sure if this is the case for every Italian family though.

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    Jan 2007
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    I just had DD"s ears done last week. given she is hardly a baby (almost 3) and she asked for it. I asked her what reward she would like for toilet training and she said earrings. I explained it involved a hole in her ear and showed her mine and said it would hurt a bit. She didn't even cry one tear, she was so brave. It looks gorgeous. BUT we had a terrible time trying to find somewhere to do it, all the local places said not until she was 5! Each to their own IMO

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    Jun 2007

    I had my DD ears pierced about 3 months ago, they used numbing cream (she was asleep too) and she never even woke up! they did both at once. They never got infected, and everyone comments on how gorgeous they look. i like piercings, (i have a few of my own, and am getting a new one next week) but i got my DD's done as i remember getting them done when i was 5, with no numbing cream, and they hurt.

    everyone has their own ide of beauty, whether it be for cultural reasons, or just from their own beliefs, and thats whats makes us all individual.
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    May 2003
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    Sarah, I will echo your thoughts there, on the Mediterranean backgrounds.....we live in a very Italian area, and my children are the the only ones without earrings and necklaces and bracelets...........I was chatting to another Mum in the supermarket the other day (her children were adorned) and she kind of shrugged as if to say "its just what we do". She explained that her little ones wrere given a lot of jewellry at birth, and the expectation from older realtives was that it just got worn.........

    My dad was so against earring, that I didnt get mine done till I was 18
    LOL, me too........I had to leave home & start uni before I got my ears peirced.............

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    Jul 2005
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    Ta Sarah, I'd never really made the connection.

    Personally I'd prefer that kind of generosity in gift giving was directed into an education trust fund. I hear of many grandparents paying a bit of money off the child's school fees each birthday etc. But that's just me. Sorry off topic. Maybe the idea was that in giving the child so much gold it would be a kind of insurance against future need because they could sell it?

    ETA: Caro that photo of me at the races was one day in 365. I don't look like that 99% of the time. Oh and they are screw on rose quarzt earrings that I bought from a second hand shop, lovely and genuine but cheap: that's me in a nutshell :P I actually heard a guy say the other day that if a woman says she is "low maintanence he is smitten" so dripping with jewels doesn't attract all guys.... infact it might turn a lot off as they would think "geeze, she's gonna take a bit of upkeeping". <--- very much OT sorry!
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    Oct 2007

    Well my DH family is Italian & Laila has that much exspensive jewellery it isnt funny..I actually wish i had that much,lol. Laila wears a bracelet on special occasions but thats about it (apart from her earings).

    I hear of many grandparents paying a bit of money off the child's school fees each birthday etc.
    That is also true!
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    Sep 2007
    Off with the fairies

    I will wait until my daughters ask for it. I remember getting mine done when I was about 5 or 6, it was Baths B'day and mum had taken her to get them done and I asked if I could get them done too, I remember it really hurt her but it was only an uncomfortable pinch feeling for me. I think the pain level is different for everyone.

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    I would wait till my baby is old enough to understand and WANT to have her heairs pierced!
    DP is the same, especially after getting one of his ears pierced. He said he wouldnt put a baby through that sort of pain, ever. I dont think the pain is THAT bad, but i just dont think its that appealing for a baby, especially one that wouldnt understand why its being done. Plus, it would be hard to maintain, to keep infection out, to keep the baby from playing with them etc.

    Im sure a baby isnt too concerned if its ears are pierced or not, until they may understand a bit more about it.
    For religious/cultural reasons, thats fine

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Our DD's are both pierced, Maddy at a few months & Indah at age 1 (no piercing place would do it before 1).
    I like it, but mostly done for cultural reasons, baby girls must be pierced as is the Balinese way.
    Also at 3 month otonan (100 days of age ceremony) they are already pierced at 100 days. But at the 100 day ceremony baby boys & girls have bracelets, anklets & a necklace attached (with the babies belly button/umbilical cord in side a little treasure box)
    Babies cosleep 100% of the time & prior to this ceremony are forbidden to touch the ground! No laying baby on a bunny rug on the floor, they'd have a fit! Babies are pretty much attached to their Mummy!

    Slightly OT, but there are many different ways to raise babies all around the world...

    *ETA: we were told its safer to get it done with younger bubs as they cant tell where the hurt is & so they dont touch it/pass on germs to it... Neither of our girls played with them or had any trouble, we have never changed Indahs just the original piercing stud, Maddy being 9 has many many pairs..

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    May 2007

    Thank you so much for your perspective Tracey. I love hearing about different cultures.

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    Jul 2005
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    If you have the money to spare to spend on jewelry for your children and yourself then goodluck to you. Our family income is higher than average but we don't have the money for children's jewelry of that nature or of any kind infact.

    As RH mentioned I didn't particularly like having mine done BUT when I was about 13 i did use a pin to give myself second earrings without too much trouble. have let them grow over except the original holes in which i just wear plain sleepers 99% of the time. Maybe after we've educated our kids I'll splash out on a pair of solitaire diamond earrings.... but it's a very low priority ATM. I mean, how does something expensive in your ear improve your life? I just don't get it. But let's agree to disagree and move on.

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    DoubleK Guest

    i want to get krystals ears pierced around christmas time, maybe not right on christmas, maybe a week or two before (geez i just realised it only a couple of weeks left!)

    i wouldnt pierce a small baby, but i think they look pretty, i myself have 4 in each ear, and love them, i think i had my 2nd holes done in grade 4.. then 3rd in grade 6...

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    Jun 2007

    the only jewellery i wear is a gold necklace with a small love heart pendant from DP. I have some jewellery. I dont wear it, because i find it gets in the way (for me, same reason i dont have nails lol)

    each to their own. I have 3 holes in one ear, 4 in the other, plus an array of body piercings, which at the moment i only have my tongue ring in.

    We all have our own thoughts about beauty, which may be influenced by many things, but im not going to judge someone because those chose to get their kids pierced. Or chose not to for that fact. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!

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    Sep 2004
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    Tehya's ears were pierced when she was 10 weeks old. Why. Because I wanted to get them done.

    We have never had any issues with them. Tehya has never played with her earrings nor have they ever been infected. To my thinking getting them done at her age now or even older would make them more likely to get infected. She would them pull at them nad spread germs to her ears.

    Now that she is getting older Tehya has asked me for new earrings. We don't just change them willy nilly either.

    Abbey's ears will be pierced when she is around the 12 week mark also.

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    Jun 2007

    i agree trish, Annika, never pulls on her ears, and the chemist gave us some of the stuff to clean her ears with, its in a spray bottle, so every time i change DD's nappy i would spray ( i use cloth so its quite often ) for about 2 weeks, turned them every morning, and now she has beautiful earrings, and she looks so girly and pretty


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