thread: Babies having their ears pierced

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    Jun 2003

    We did Paris at 18 months, and if I had another girl I'd definitely do it then. Paris is always grateful and tells me so. I don't think its cruel or unfair. I had mine done at 12 months and I was glad too.

    Each to their own, its a parents own choice, and I don't think one is right or wrong its just different.

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    Mar 2004

    FWIW I think that giving baby girls lots of gold over the years is a great tradition. Like many cultural traditions it also has a very pragmatic dimension. It means that as a woman she has 'insurance' if things go wrong for her. She can walk from an abusive marriage and know that she can sell her gold if she needs to, if she loses her home and job she can sell the jewelery to get by.
    In DH's culture everyone gives the bride a gift of gold when she gets married which means that most women start their married life with a stash of gold that they can use as needed.

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    May 2006

    I too has my ears peirced at a very young age and i wont go into details about the type of earrings that were chosen for me as a baby!! I have been asked over and over again when i will get DD's ears peirced (particulary around her christening) (and will probably be asked again around her frist b'day!) but i keep saying i will do it if and when she asks me. I mean sure if she had them then people wouldnt look at her and ask boy or girl? but hey...i think as they are an only an accessory it's not important. Each to their own i say
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    i had mine done when i was around 8 years old and still remember it, i was so excited.... i think its a rite of passage for young girls and don't want to rob my dd of that if she chooses to get hers done... personally i would never have it done to a baby or toddler, but have no problem with others doing it. not sure what age i will let her get it done, maybe 8yrs like me. i don't want to think that far ahead just yet!!!!!!!!!

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    Jun 2007
    ...not far enough away :)

    I have a friend who got her little girls ears pierced due to the fact everyone always asked "girl" or "boy", she figured that way no one would get it wrong. So that's another reason some people may do it. I had to wait til my 10th Birthday for my ears to be pierced & I went mental waiting, as my sister was 4yrs older & had hers done. I remember thinking I would get my daughters done at 3months if I had one. Though I have a DS, but still think if I had a girl I would get them done. I don't think I need to go out & buy heaps of different earings & match outfits....I don't even do that myself. I have one really good white gold pair that I wear everyday.....I only change when it's a special occasion ex wedding. Just a nice pair of studs that would be worn all the time.
    I also know several little girls where I live with braclets....as they make them here at the local shop & they are beautiful & I think they look really sweet. You don't have to go over the top but I suppose I like the girly things & would like that for my little girl also. I often think "shame you can't do that for a little boy"...I wanted to get DS ear pierced but DH says we should let him make his own choice later (end of subject LOL).
    I guess it's just another one of those, "everybody has a different idea" subject.

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    Apr 2006

    First things first - OMG Caro. I'm agreeing with everythingyou say. Now that must be a first (and I hope not only!) ha ha. Sounds like between us we could put Linneys to shame!

    I won't be getting my DD's ears pierced until she's a lot older. I wasn't allowed to have mine done until I was 13 and I'm glad my mum resisted all my pestering. My DD's a baby, then she will be a little girl. IMO I think its sad that there are so many things out there now that make our little girls grow up so quickly - bras for 6 year olds for crying out loud. I think the same goes for earrings (unless its a cultural thing in which case that overrides my objections), make up etc. I'm not criticising anyone who chooses to have their DD's (or DS's) ears pierced - like everything else we all have different ideas on how to parent our children - but its not for me.

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    Jan 2007

    It's definately a bit of a cultural thing, I just remembered that friends of mum and dads who I've met a few times only, gave Isabelle 3 pairs of hoops when she was born! Her ears aren't even pierced but I guess there is an assumption that she will get them done soon plus gold is the "thing" to give as a gift. (My parents and the's people who gave them to her are European).

    I think it's like anything really - I put little clips in Izzys hair and although they don't hurt - they definately make her look like a girly girl!! I just think they look cute on her and love to show her off but I don't think that its for any other reason other than the fact that it looks pretty! Niliac - I agree -not right/wrong but different just like a million other decisions we make for our kids!!

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    Jun 2007

    I dont changed my daughters earrings - shes still wearing the ones she had put in when they got pierced. They are tiny little gold studs with pink zirconias in them, and i know i wont be changing them until she's older. They look so gorgeous I dont think i have made her "grow up too quickly" by getting them pierced, they look cute, and very girly

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    We had my DD's done when she was about 5months. It is tradition for us- my mum, me and now her have it done. I was only young as well and don't remember it being done and I think it is better to get it done earlier because they don't understand what the (minimal) pain really is. Lily has never tugged at hers and doesn't seem to notice they're there at all. She's had no infections and no problems at all.

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    i dont see the need for it, but i dont have a girl yet, but if i do she can have her ears pierced when she is old enough to ask me for them.


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