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Thread: Babies travelling to a different time zone.

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    Default Babies travelling to a different time zone.


    ( Seems like all I do these days is hang out on this forum ...oh and feed and feed and feed, and settle and change nappies of course )

    Anyway ...I am going home to New Zealand for three weeks in Feb and my baby Lugh will be 3 months old.

    Any advice on dealing wih the time difference ? For example, he goes to bed around 8 ...should I add two hours and put him to bed at 10 ?

    Has anyone had problems re establishing rountines when they get back from holiday ?


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    The hardest thing I find when getting back from holiday is trying to put them to bed at night at a "normal" time ie on holiday they naturally stay up later because oyu are more busier, going out etc etc. But this only usually takes a day or 2 so nothing to get too worried about.

    As for the change in time zones, personally I just put the baby down to sleep when it is tired regardless of what the time zone will eventually readjust themselves in line with you. Maybe try and extend the waking hour time little by little, eg an extra 15mins one time, then next time half an hour. Otherwise trying to keep them up for an extra couple of hours when they are tired will be hell on you.

    Good luck and enjoy your holiday.

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    i just got back from holidays, and my baby girl woke up at 6.30am no matter where she was (we changed timezones three times!) and no matter what time we put her to bed. i think you just have to go with the flow... good luck!

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