thread: baby acne

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    baby acne

    just wondering if its normal to get baby acne on their scalp/ top and back of head?

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    Yep- Hollo- very normal- especially if she is breastfed!

    They are milk pimples and can take anywhere from a few weeks to a month to go away.

    I couldnt beleive it when DS broke out in them!! I hated them lol I even stopped taking pictures of the poor fella till they cleared- so now i have like this big gap in his first few months where there are hardly any photos!

    Sorry Hollo i just re read your question..

    Not sure about getting them all over the head, could it be cradle cap? I dont think DS baby acne was on his head- just his face really- i would say it would be ok- but if your worried ask you MCHN if you dont have an appt- there is usually one day a week that you can just drop in and see them.

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