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    Jul 2004

    Baby Baths

    I have my change table and bath all in one(the bath comes out from the side of the change table) and i find that it is too low. When i give Lily a bath i have to really bend over so i have my arm under her head. This is one of the main causes for my back problem. Now im only 5 foot 2 and DP is 6 foot so i can only imagine how hard it must be for him. Does any one else find this a problem? I can't put something under the bath because it connects to the change table and the change table is at the right height.

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    Mar 2004

    I don't use a baby bath. I use a big bath with the water a couple of cms deep and let Yasin lie down in it (the water comes to about his ears). He didn't like the baby bath much but he loves the big bath, he kicks and slashes like crazy which does most of the washing for me and I just go over the nappy area and the bits that stick out of the water (his face, the front of his head and his tummy). Its much easier on the back because I don't have to support his weight. I also find that its easier if I get in the bath to wash him rather than trying to do it all from the side.

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    I absolutely HATED my baby bath and will not be using one next time. We ended up bathing her in the bath in shallow water. I checked with the nurse and they told me it was fine to have shallow water (so she could lie flat and it was just under her ears) that way I didn't have to cradle over her with my back. it was still enough water for her to splash and kick, and from memory she only ever turned her head into the water once or twice before getting a nasty shock LOL! But there are also those bath hammock type things which are good too for those who have sore backs and find the proping hard to do. Soon after that she was able to sit up anyway, and from then on she was fine, if you are worried about too much movement or slipping you can put a baby mat down in the bath. Or if you have a clean laundry sink thats not too cold there is nothing wrong with that



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    LOL Ditto to what Dachlostar said


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    Kameron hated the baby bath, so I used the laundry sink which he loved. I used to use the baby bath on the kitchen table when I did use it. Lachlan was in the baby bath for a while as he didn't mind it then went straight to the big bath


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    We have a change table with a bath in it: what a performance that was!

    It was such a hassle to fill it and empty it, and killed my the time Olivia was about six weeks old we were using the main bath with shallow water: she loved it, & it was heaps easier for us.

    I won't be using the baby bath for this next baby......I shall probably use the kitchen sink whne he is tiny and then move to the main bath when he is about six weeks?

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    Yeah I also HATE the hassle of filling it and breaking your back trying to pick it up...
    We havent had a choice in this house though, as we don't have a big bathtub. So we have rigged up a system with some tubing that directs water from the bathroom taps straight into the baby bath.
    Plus there is a plug at the bottom of the baby bath, so you can empty it down the drain in the floor, so you don't need to pick it up (and break your back!) at all.
    Aidyn is getting rather big for it now, and is too long to lie down in it, so soon we might move him onto having showers. Which is a pity though, cause he loved playing with his floating bathtoys so much!
    We also bought a little paddle pool and he had his baths in that quite a bit during the Summer, and we could sit in there with him then.

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    We used a baby bath for a little while with a baby bath seat in it, but Alana wanted to kick and splash the water to much, so we put her in the bath with the seat. Now she just lies in the bath and she loves it. She can splash even more!

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    Feb 2004

    We have a bathe seat for Zander, that way we don't have to hold him the whole time. Have a look at his webpage Tegan, there's a photo of it so you can see what it looks like....

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    we havent used it yet, but have one of those towelling sort of A frames that you sit on the bottom of the bath and when you put bubs on it, they kinda sink into it and it supports them really well. we are using a baby bath to start with. will just put it up on the kitchen table to bath jackson. DH wants to make bathing his job so he can spend time with jackson at night, so that suits me fine.