thread: baby bonus $$$$$

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    Oct 2004
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    baby bonus $$$$$

    ok i didnt know where to post this so i though this is a good place to start.
    curios about the baby didnt exist when i had my first 2 children and then a friend reminded me today that we will get this so called baby bonus.
    how much is it anyway.our baby is due in october so does it go up after july???????

    she also said you then get family payment bonus in july and september of $600 per child is this true.
    i cant imagine the government being so............ giving.

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    Nov 2003

    Hey Nikki,

    There was a thread recently on the maternity payment - HERE.


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    Jan 2005

    Hi Niki,

    The baby bonus is a one off payment and it is currently $3,000 per child. I have heard that after the finanical year this will be increased to $4,000 per child.
    The other $600 that your friend told you about was paid in July and September 2004 for the first time. However I am not sure if this is still being paid, think the $4,000 payment may have replaced those two $600 payments. But if you ring Centrelink they will be able to give you all of the details.
    Take care Leah

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    Oct 2004
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    I was pretty baffled by the government giving out so much money too, maybe they been taken over by alliens!

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    Mar 2005

    I thought they were aliens??!!??

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    Apr 2004
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    Yeah for more supplement this year !!! I love tax time.

    I thought they introduced that last year, a) to buy votes and b) so that if you had been overpaid anything by centerlink, it could be taken out of that money before they hit you up for it.

    And the $3000 odd goes up in july next year.