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Thread: baby car seats???

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    Default baby car seats???


    I was just wondering about baby car seats. i have my eye on a mother's choice seat but they all say not suitable for station wagon, which is what we have.
    I was wondering what i have to do to have one fitted in a staion wagon?>?? and what brands are suitable??

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    it depends on why it's not suitable for a wagon. Is it just because it doesn't have a long enough restraints, 'because you can buy extensions from autobarn and supercheap. I would shop around, find a small baby shop where they know what they are talking about suck them for all their knowledge and then do some more research on internet, then find the place where you can buy the seat you choose at the cheapest price.

    You can also talk to your local accredited baby seat installer too.

    We went for a turn-a-tot, they are fantastic because it's much less awkward to get bubs out of the car than a standard reversible. oh and we have a subaru forester (wagon)

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