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    I agree with Katanya about the singlet sizes, Matthew is in 2 sizes at the moment size 00 and 0, I didn`t buy any 000 or 0000 for him as I knew he`d grow out of them too fast, as it is some of the 00 are getting a bit tight on him, the extra room is also great for getting over his big head without trying tugging a size 0000 over his head, I would imagine I`d get a few complaints if I tried LOL.

    Also just a extra note on what Kellee has mentioned about the sunglasses, I have just brought two pairs of baby banz sunglasses for Matthew from ebay, one pair cost me $9.50 and the other $10.49, so if your interested in a pair try ebay and you might save $$$$ like I did and yes they are new. I`m looking forward to them arriving and trying them out on the little man.

    Take Care


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    Ladies, I have to say this is fascinating and so helpful! Even though I dont have any children ( I do have a tonne of clothes already), but not so much for myself but for when buying for my friends - its nice to know that its something they can get a lot of use out of - and especially good to know about the sizing issue with Bonds stuff!


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    Now that the weather is getting colder I am looking at singlet bodysuits as I hate the belly and back being exposed when earing pants. And I am also investing in tights to put under pants as my kids couldn't keep socks on but they stay on better with tights. Also people do buy lots of clothes when you have bubs but mostly 4, 3 and 2 O's. I had to go and buy 00's and 0's for my bub now as the well of pressies has dried up.

    Ditto for bonds suits, but they are the best suits.

    I love sleeping bags, my bubs is always out of the blankets and cold so by using sleeping bags she stays warm and sleeps longer.

    I don't really put shoes on my kids bf 1 yo, they just pull them off and it is easier for them to walk without them.

    You def need 2 or 3 nice outfits for going out and remember that you also need to take changes of clothes when you go ouot, just in case.

    Bibs with elastic are better than tie ups.

    Wool cardi's look gorgeous with little dresses.

    Def accept all offers of clothes, and return or throw out/donate to op shop what you really don't want.

    Ebay is a great source of clothes at bargain prices esp brand names.

    Sometimes really cheap clothes go out of shape after 1 wash so take care in choosing material which feels like it is good quality (I have noticed some Kmart/Best & Less ?Big w stuff like this)

    I'll come bak if I think of anything else.
    Cheers Michelle

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    I know there is a Bonds factory in South Yarra...

    7 Claremont St South Yarra 3141 to be exact. Gotta love white pages online

    And I gotta say, I love singlet suits too. Nothing worse than having a cold middle.

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    Thanks for all the info guys and Rachel for that Bonds Factory outlet!