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    Default Baby with a cold

    I think Eleanor's caught Kimberley's cold as she's coughing and her breathing is funny.
    What can i do to help her get through it ?

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    If she has a stuffy nose you can use Fess Saline soloution to help clear it but apart from that not much else. If she runs a temperature she is old enough to have baby panadol now. you could also steam up a bathroom and have her in there for a while or use a vapouriser thing in her room


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    I was told not to use panadol until she reaches 4 kilos by the chemist and to check with my doctor before using it. She had a temp last week and when the chemist asked how old and was she pre term he said not to use it when i said she was born 3weeks early and that she was now a month old.

    I have some Fess Saline soloution so i will give that a try.
    She keeps waking up crying but then goes back to sleep straight away.

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    oh no! thats no good. No suggestions, but hope she is feeling better soon!

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    Like Astrolady suggested I would use a vapouriser in her room. It made such a difference to my son when he had a cold.

    I hope she gets better soon.

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