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    Ds (6mnths ) has now had a cold for 10days, he is on damzin and baby panado.. he has lost his appetite and is like only drinking about 600mls per day of formula.. is this normal. also he is having 2 solids per day.. i know he is losing weight. should i be concerned.. it is his 1st cold

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    Hi Maggie,
    You might want to take DS to the doctor tomorrow morning just to make sure that it is a cold and not something more serious! The decrease in fluids would be my concern above and beyond everything else.

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    10 days is a long time, but it depends on how sick he is and whether his snot is "green" or not. Coloured snot indicates an infection, and that's pretty hard on the little bub. I have to agree with heidi that the decrease in fluids is probably of most concern, but get yourself along to a good GP just to check he doesn't have a more serious infection - he's not having a high temperature at all is he?

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