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Thread: Baby massage - any suggestions on how it should be done?

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    Default Baby massage - any suggestions on how it should be done?

    Hi all

    We give Lucy, who is now six weeks old, a massage after her bath each night. I read the J&J booklet that came in our hospital pack, but don't really have any other suggestions on how it should be done.

    We're just using sorbolene cream or almond oil and gently stroking her, head, face, arms, chest, clockwise direction on her belly, legs, then rolling her over and doing her back.

    What kind of methods did other mums and dads find their babies liked the best?

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    I did a baby massage course with Pinky when Indah was about 8 wks I think...
    I highly recommend looking for a baby massage class near you as certain tings & times can be unsettling or bad... Like I think it was within 48hrs after Immunisation is not a good time to massage..

    There should be some in Sydney, maybe contact your MCHN, or the hospital....

    They were really great fun!

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    Also, check out the article on the main site - Baby Massage - A Gentle Touch

    I have read that alond oil should be avoided in case of nut allegeries, use olive oil instead.

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