thread: baby massage anyone?

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    Apr 2003

    baby massage anyone?

    Just curious? Having looked over crying threads I wonder why nobody is suggesting baby massage as an aid for colic/ tummy discomfort.

    I am also wondering how parents perceive baby massage - ie attending classes -call this a bit of unofficial market research if you like.

    Have you ever had a massage yourself?

    Do any of you include infant massage as a regular part of your baby's routine/day?

    There are fabulous medically researched benefits- enhanced immunity, neurological development , improved sleep patterns , bonding and even studies showing improvement in maternal symptoms of postnatal depression. I wonder how widespread this information is or whether many mothers simply think massage will be one more thing to do?

    I was taught infant massage by a Sikh woman over twenty years ago and practised it on my own babies before becoming a certified instructor. It is so absolutely rewarding to teach motivated parents and watch them develop confidence -especially Dads, yet I rarely see it recommended mother to mother on forums.

    Classes make a lovely 'first outing' in a supportive environment - so what is happening-Is there not enough PR around infant massage? Where does everyone go?

    If anyone is interested, please check out classes on my website -I am planning one for Hawthorn starting on Fridy mornings, from next week( a couple of places left) and a Sunday one at Sth Melbourne in April - this one is almost fully booked -the Dads are amazing at these classes! -I am also open to doing one of the Hawthorn sessions on a Friday evening so dads can have a go - depending on needs of the group- it worked beautifully last time.

    Mums of twins -I can organise a doula so you are welcome and will have help.

    I welcome your feedback

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    Feb 2003
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    I have suggested it Pinky! It's in the "Working Out Why Baby Is Crying thread!:

    The pressure seems to help, so now I even try massaging his tummy gently too. There are some great infant massage techniques suited to wind and colic.
    Kelly xx

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    May 2003
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    I do baby massage with Olivia......we went to classes run through our local baby health clinic when she was only about a month old, and Olivia enjoys a massage usually every 3rd day or so.......she is now at an age when she LOVES it and knows when I ask her "Would you like some Mummy Massage?" what that means & she goes crazy with happy anticipation!

    However, we did try it early on, from when she was about six weeks old, to try and sooth her from crying. (From about 6 weeks to 3 months she was a shocker for getting over-tired & would scream for 20mins-2hrs prior to any attempt to put her down at bedtime). I would try a massage before she got over-tired to try and calm her, but it seemed to overstimulate her?

    A bath, however, at this stage of the evening, seemed to really solve the issue! (I guess babies, like grown-ups, respond to different things at different times!)

    Overall though, I am a HUGE advocate of baby massage & would totally recommend it to anyone. It is just a gorgeous thing to share with your child & we both feel great afterwards!

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    Oct 2003
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    You are right Pinky... its not often mentioned as something to do :-k not sure why though... I was visiting a friend whose baby has colic (6weeks) recently and was showing her massage techniques I learned through a class offered. Our nightime routine still includes a massage after a bath, as it helps settle Matilda down more.

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    Jackie Guest

    Sounds like a great idea, when mine were little, I never heard of baby massage. Definitely something I'll look into if/when pg finally happens..

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    Jan 2005
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    A friend of a friend did a Bowen massage on Eliana last Monday - I'm not too sure what it does but she didn't mind it being done.
    I have been massaging her myself & concentrating on her belly when she has wind - don't know if I'm doing right but she lies there & seems to enjoy it.

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    Mar 2004

    I used to give Yasin a bit of a massage after his bath but I stopped doing it for no particular reason - just forgot. Thanks for the reminder, we should get back into it.

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    Jul 2004

    I would do it but have no idea how to. Cant find any info on it.

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    Apr 2003

    Hi all,
    Kelly, sorry I did see you had a suggestion of massage there - I think I was a bit overwhelmed at the discussion around medication and that nobody else seemed to pick up on massage as a help for unsettled babies - there is a big difference between having a baby with special needs/ medical reasons and medical advice to give meds such as panadol but I freak abit because I am often hearing about parents using panadol, for example, quite freely to induce sleep/ calm babies - without any medical reason. Could it be the TV ads that suggest "and we all got a good night's sleep" as we see on one such medication ad?

    forgive me but I am almost as passionate about unnecessary medication as I am about harsh sleep training- there is no need if you have natural alternatives like massage which are effective and beneficial.

    Seeing most of you are around the country, to find a class near you, contact Infant Massage Australia - - if you want to join me next Friday at Hawthorn, see my website - or give me a call (98011997 ) - Kelly and Elijah are coming too!

    If you just want some basic (very basic!) tips see the Mother and Baby special mag - Shopping For Baby -I have an article in there.


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    Oct 2003
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    Thanks Pinky for that! So often we mum's go to the CHN for help & get given advice that isn't always right for our bubs!

    I heartfully agree that panadol is overused. I use a Brauer homeopathic teething drops which settles Matilda on her bad teething days better than anything else, aside from good ol' ice So its really helpful to hear of "alternative" remedies for our little ones.

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    *Rachel* Guest

    I used too massage keenan after his bath too - but have stopped that. I did massage him the other day (two days in a row) in the middle of the day as we had a little time and he loves it.

    Thanks for the info Pinky.

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    Jun 2004

    Hey Pinky,
    Just thought i'd let you know the Australian site is

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    *Rachel* Guest

    That site is great Katey - thanks for posting it.

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    Apr 2003

    Oops- I forgot the 'au" - anyway, all instructors who have done infant massage Australia training are lovely women with a gentle perspective on babies -many are MCh nurses as well.