thread: Baby shops in Melbourne

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    Jul 2005

    Baby shops in Melbourne

    Hi everyone,

    Thinking about heading to Melbourne to do some baby shopping. Ive been told there are a couple of big baby shops... can anyone tell me where they are???


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    Oct 2005
    Dandenong Ranges

    There's a good one called Hush a Baby in Cheltenham Road, Dandenong. We are having twins and I was really happy with their range of twin prams (approx 6) other places on had 1 or 2 if I was lucky.

    I have also checked out Babyco, but not happy with them, eg all car seats have the same tags so you can't compare the different specifications unless you talk to someone and then you wonder how accurate they are as different people say different things.

    I prefer to check the specs out myself to compare apples with apples.

    I've also heard Baby Bunting in ringwood is good, but haven't been there yet

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    Oct 2004
    Caroline Springs,Melbourne

    Baby Bunting is awesome. We did most of our shopping there. We are in western suburbs so went to the shop near highpoint.
    They have a couple of stores around.
    I also bought couple things from Baby co at highpoint.

    Good luck shopping.

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    angel_eyes Guest

    Baby buntings is huge and babyco is another great one.

    They're both located in Maribrynong.

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    Nov 2004

    We shop at Baby Bunting at Ringwood and it is excellent. Have only bought one thing from Babyco.