thread: Baby in the shower

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    Sep 2009

    From 2 days old, we were in the hospital hotel outreach program and midwife told dh to hop in shower with dd and get some daddy / daughter bonding time

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    Jul 2008

    I can't remember with ds but I took dd in with me last week at 3.5months. She loved it and so did ds (he alternates between the bath and the shower) however old he was.

    I agree that it's much easier with 2 people there though.

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    Nov 2008
    in the ning nang nong

    we've done it since birth, and my 2yo still showers with me every couple of days.

    and it's a lot easier on your tummy, than getting in and out of the bath or lugging water post c/s.

    it's lovely
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    Oct 2009
    Bonbeach, Melbourne

    Yep from birth here too

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    Jun 2012

    DS was about 2 months when she decided she didn't like her bath so we took her in the shower and she loved it! She's 3.5 months now and I think it's time for DH to get over his fear of her gripping onto his chest hair and he can shower with her too... might use the cloth nappy suggestion only between him and her

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    Sep 2011

    At around 2 weeks old DH has taken her on occasion. The child health nurse recommended that DH do the coshower for the first 3 months as he doesn't smell like milk so she won't wiggle around trying to feed and he doesn't have boobs getting in the way. DD loves being in the shower and in her bath. I'm hoping that the shower will get her used to water on her face before we take her swimming.

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    Nov 2006
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    I'm not sure of the exact age, but the Man took DD into the shower when she was *very* little (I was always too afraid I might drop her). She enjoyed it.

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    Jul 2006

    When DD was able to be placed on your hip, no craddled - ITMS?

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    Jun 2011

    DH showered with her the first night we got home, she was 3days old, and then pretty much every wash until she was 3months old when I started to bath her earlier in the afternoon. I think it's just such a lovely bonding experience.

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    Sep 2011

    DH has been showering with DD pretty much since birth. It's been fantastic for him to have that time with her, especially as we've successfully reduced her formula top ups and increased BF'ing. She loves it and has never screamed in there unlike the bath

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    Jan 2009

    Yep we put DD in the shower with Daddy from when we got home from hospital. She loves it. I have only had her in with me once because I like my shower time to myself (and I figure that I'll have to share eventually) and it is my one "me" time of the day. DH loves it too.

    We still bath DD too though because she absolutely loves laying back in the bath splashing around. I have to heat the room though or it is too cold in this house.

    We put her head under the water in the shower and everything. Just through the water rather than standing under it And when she is in the bath she gets annoyed if you hold her head to far out of the water. I swear she'd like to be submerged except for her nostrils LOL.