thread: Baby shower gifts- what do you wish you were given?

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    Baby shower gifts- what do you wish you were given?

    Hi ladies,

    I'm throwing a baby shower for my sister in a few weeks time and as it's her first baby, I want to get her something that she will love and/or find useful.

    So, my question is what do you wish someone had bought for you at your baby shower- or bought more of?


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    I loved a pressie that my aunt gave me. She filled a baby bathtub with all baby goodies like baby b ath, creams, nappy rash cream, breast pads, disposable nappies, washers - absolutely everything!! Was so great!! I have done this for a GF but filled a nappy bucket instead. If you get a few people to put in it is amazing what you can get!! Came in handy when home from hosp cause you weren't trying to get to the shops with a newborn!! Good Luck!!

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    I wish that someone had bought me one of those baby playmats with toys hanging over the top - I ended up going and getting one for my DD and it was one of the best things I bought. I recently purchased one for my best friends baby shower too.

    One of the other really useful presents that I was given was one of those foldout baby lounges - was perfect for taking places instead of a portacot and is still used now 4 years later as a couch for the kids. Great present which I would never have thought to buy.

    Another great present idea is either a baby record book or a photo album (particularly if you know the sex of the baby).

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    shellbelle that is a great idea, only thing is peekay - check what your sister's preference is on things like creams etc. If friends did something like this for me and went against my preferences for products (petrochemical byproducts are BANNED in this house for the adults - will definitely be banned for the children) then I'd be quite upset.

    We did something similar for a baby shower, but we did a pamper basket for mum & bub, including things like pedicure, manicure, waxing and massage vouchers for the mum, bub had some organic baby products bought from the markets (which a friend had used on their baby and loved). We put it in a funky basket that mum ended up using to stack the nappies in in bub's room.

    For another friend, we paid for 6 months worth of nappy service for them - which was great when she went back to work at 3 months (working nights - she's a nurse) and her DH worked days so neither of them had to worry when they were at home about washing nappies.

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