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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Same here, Fi. In fact, I was talking to Mum about it on Sunday and she said that she never owned a thermometer with 4 kids. She said you just know when the temp is too high. I am of the same mind... if I had a thermometer, I think it would make me a little paranoid and I would be checking all the time. In saying that, I bet I run out the door to buy one when Gabby gets really sick, LOL.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2004

    Cause we are all sick here Deb, I actually looked at the pharmacy today for a thermometer. The one I wanted (Omron) was $80, and its an instant ear one. The cheaper one, $17 takes a minute under the armpit to get a reading, and that just seems impossible for a sick baby to stay still.
    I'll see if I can find one that does less than that for a reasonable price, but I just dont see myself paying $80 for the other one. Oh - and the replacement earprobes are $25 for a pack of 40.


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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    It's so funny how much info is conflicting. It is supposed to bring the fever down 1 deg in the 4 hrs and yes it will go up after the dose, which is why 4 hrly doses. I guess the trick is that it's no good just giving panandol constantly and that if you are continuing to use panadol you should see a dr, IYKWIM? If your child has a fever there must be a reason for it and that may need treatment. But when I take kids to the drs and they are unwell the dr wil say panadol 4 hrly so go figure.

    I brought the thermometer after the feb convulsions, cos for my peace of mind I need to know, but I don't run around after them all day LOL, don't have time.

    I have seen them brand new on ebay so maybe if you do want one you could look on there.

    Cheers michelle

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    mooshie Guest

    okay i must admit with my first dd i used to constantly take her temp whenever her forehead felt warmish - i was a bit obsessed there, and i used a digital under the arm one - which of course she hated to keep still and got so upset and even hotter 8-[

    have totally relaxed alot about it now - when my dd had her brain tumour one of her first things to go was part of her brain that controlled body temp and i never took her temp once.

    i just generally go for a feel of the tummy, forehead and legs etc - when they have a high temp they feel different. i did buy a braun ear thermometre this year and it has been invaluable, only about 1mth ago ds had a temp of 40.9 and was hallucinating and vomiting - thank god no convulsion - off to hospital we went and i never give panadol before taking them to see a doc and his temp had dropped back down to 38 within the hour.

    it is scary when it goes that high - have never had that in this house before but i generally go buy if over 38 then panadol and i check it four hrs later and give panadol if high again or if they are asleep i don't wake them i just wait until they wake.

    the doc at the emergency dpt told me not to bother too much with panadol if ds temp was high and his general manner was normalish (if thats a word lol).

    on the vaccination thing - when dd was getting her vaccinations it was quite routine to give panadol before the vaccination back then it was called triple antigen shot - i had a good friend in the medical field who said it would be wise to try the infanrix which back then cost around $50 - there was less side effects and panadol was generally not required - since then infanrix is the normal they give you (for the whopping cough, diptheria and tetnus) and i have only ever had to give lani panadol around 4hrs after her first lot of shots at 2mths of age as she was quite upset and distressed.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Yeah... my MCHN said they used to advise people to give the baby some panadol before injections because of the types of injections they were getting. She said it is no longer necessary and to only give panadol if the baby's temp. goes up as a result of the injections.

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    Mar 2004

    Hi Nell,

    Hope little Matty is feeling better.

    Could it be hand, foot and mouth (dont worry, sounds much worse than it is)? Aidan had it about a month ago and his symptoms were high temp and a nasty cold. It is called that because towards the end of the virus they get small blisters on their hands, feet and/or.... their mouth. It is a virus so best treatment is fluid, food, sleep and lots of Mummy cuddles!

    Aidan passed it onto me and it is pretty horrible in adults, mainly because we develop whopping, sore, horrible, yucky, gross (i think you get my point!) blisters in the mouth and it is honestly impossible to eat or drink. But they say most babies dont develop the blisters in their mouth so they might not even know about it!