thread: Baby & Toddler Article - Cuddle Me Mum

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    Baby & Toddler Article - Cuddle Me Mum

    The Baby and Toddler Article of the Month for November is Cuddle Me Mum.

    The article talks about how cuddling is so very important for babies, and how cuddling makes your baby smarter!

    As a Mum of two, I love cuddling my babies for ANY reason. Have a read of the article to see what you think.....

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    I just wish Bastian liked cuddles as much as I do.... he's too interested in what else is going on

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    I love cuddles, but Seren is quite easily distracted and isn't really interested either!


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    This has to be one of my favourite articles. Kynan loves cuddles, especially in the Hug a Bub. So many people say that if you pick your baby up all the time then you'll spoil them :roll: I never really believed that but it did worry me a little to hear that when Kynan was a newborn as I was so unsure of my parenting abilities. I can't bear to leave Kynan to cry, it goes against every instinct & really stresses me, so I cuddle him or put him in the sling when he's upset. He settles so well when he's next to me. Happy baby = happy mummy.